Kim Kardashian Surprises Fans With An Unexpected Restock

Celebrity product launches have been a strong trend of summer 2017. From Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Collection to the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette, the beauty world has seen its fair share of new goods from gurus and celebrities. Now, one is coming back. A KKW beauty restock is happening, but it's coming way sooner than expected. The restock of her KKW Highlight & Contour Sticks is happening right now.

In a Snapchat and Instagram post on Thursday night, Kardashian West revealed that her ultra popular sticks would be restocking today, July 28. You've only got a short window of time to brace yourself for online shopping and the hysteria that comes from getting in on a restock. After all, each KKW Beauty restock has resulted in sold-out products, that's stressful, people. Not to mention, people still seem to be in love with Kardashian's original KKW Beauty product.

What time should you plan to shop? Noon PT. Don't freak out too much just yet. While restocks have resulted in sell-outs, products seem to take about 30-45 minutes before they're totally gone. Of course, the immediacy of shopping and finally getting your hands on the complexion product shouldn't be ignored, but the sticks are Kardashian's flagship product, and the chances for yet another restock are high.

Does the restock signal that a new product could be coming? Does Kardashian want fans stocked up on her contour and highlight product before her next big product? There's no way to know, but fans do know something new is coming. Kardashian has been teasing a concealer from her brand for some time now, and it's only a matter of time before its debut.

If you do plan to shop the restock before the brand's next launch, head over to the KKW Beauty website. The Highlighting & Contour Sticks retail for $48, and customers receive three distinct products: a contour stick, a highlight stick, and a dual ended brush.

While this may not be the last restock of the KKW Beauty Highlight & Contour Sticks, why not embrace the latest trend and add to your growing collection of celebrity beauty? Plus, with great reviews and serious hype, it's definitely worth a shot.