Your 'How To Get Away With Murder' Fave Is Joining The Cast Of BBC's 'Trust Me'

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It's not often you grow suspicious of the people who have to take care of you. You get a horrific injury, you go to the hospital to have the injured area poked and prodded at by strangers who you trust to know what they're doing. Sometimes you even trust them to put you to sleep, to take care of you while you're unconscious, and to make sure you wake up again. But BBC One's drama Trust Me might make you feel a little less trusting, and it's coming back again to shake things up again. But when is Trust Me Series 2?

With Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker at its helm, Series 1 saw Cath Hadaway losing her job following a whistleblowing incident, so of course she did the reasonable thing by moving to Edinburgh, and stealing the identity of a doctor. Of course.

But as the Metro reports, unfortunately Whittaker won't be coming back to reprise her role as Hadaway in the second run, as she'll be filming for Season 12 of Doctor Who. However, the show will go on, as the Radio Times reports, the second season of Trust Me will be premiering on BBC One at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16.

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While it's a bit gutting to not have Whittaker around for season two, the show's producers may well have found the next best thing in Harry Potter and How To Get Away With Murder actor Alfred Enoch. He'll be appearing in season two as Corporal Jamie McCain, a solider recovering in a Glasgow hospital, who was injured and left temporarily paralysed while on active duty, as Radio Times reports.

You'll find that things get real dark real quick, as McCain soon becomes suspicious of the hospital's high death rate, and decides to take matters into his own hands, by investigating the situation himself. Joining Enoch in season two's cast will be John Hannah — of Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Victim fame — who will be playing lead doctor Archie Wilson. And yes, he's supposed to give you the creeps.

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Following Whittaker's departure, season two looks a lot different to screenwriter Dan Sefton's original intentions, as he revealed to the Metro. "We had ways and thoughts about how we could do season two and season three with Jodie," he told the paper, adding: "But when it became clear there was no way that would become possible with her because she was busy, then we had to go back to the BBC and get another idea."

Clearly, they found that idea, and it's a great, albeit harrowing one. Trust Me is going for a new and darker direction, and it's just the sort of thing you need if you want to spook up your midweek routine a little. While it might look a little different this time around, Trust Me Season 2's plotline and new cast additions just might well be able to make up for Whittaker's absence. Still, bring on Doctor Who Series 12, too.