When Sam Joins 'Little Women: Atlanta,' Expect Some Drama & Lots Of Glam

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Lifetime's biggest reality franchise returns on Wednesday, Jan. 4 with a new season of Little Women: Atlanta. While the cast has undergone some changes since last season, trailers for Season 3 promise as much drama as ever, along with a few new faces. One of the stars you'll soon meet on Little Women: Atlanta is Sam, who will bring her unique personality into the mix.

Since Bri Barlup left Atlanta for Dallas, which led to the Little Women: Dallas spinoff, there's been an opening in the Little Women: Atlanta cast. But Sam won't actually be the one filling that void, as she'll joined by her friend Tanya, who we met briefly last season. Lifetime also teased in an Instagram post that while Tanya is a "voice of reason," Sam, on the other hand, is likely to make a splash.

According to Sam's Lifetime bio, she recently moved to Atlanta, where she lives with Tanya. It also states:

"Originally from New Jersey, Sam is Tanya’s long time friend. Looking for a new client base for her makeup business, Sam has come to Atlanta to also help Tanya with her two young kids. Living under Tanya’s roof with two toddlers isn’t always easy, but Sam handles the task at hand with her fearless attitude. Not one to hold her tongue, Sam is never afraid of telling the truth when she’s with the other ladies."

I can't wait to see what these two friends bring to the table this season, so I did a little digging. Here's what you should know about Sam before tuning into Little Women: Atlanta's new season.

Tanya's Toddlers Keep Her Busy

tanyatehanna on Instagram

Living with two toddlers seems adorable, but also stressful.

She's A Makeup Artist

smokeydabear___ on Instagram

Sam's Instagram is full of gorgeous posts featuring her work.

She Loves Marilyn Monroe

smokeydabear___ on Instagram

She posts tons of Marilyn pics and quotes.

She Does Her Co-Stars' Makeup

smokeydabear___ on Instagram

It looks like Sam is fitting right in with the cast and helping them all with some glam.

She's A Selfie Queen

smokeydabear___ on Instagram

And, not surprisingly, her makeup is always flawless.

She's Close With Her Family

smokeydabear___ on Instagram

Sam also posts lots of pictures with her family, like this one with her mom and dad.

She may get along with Tanya already and do other cast members' makeup, but we'll have to wait for Little Women: Atlanta Season 3 to kick off to see how Sam shakes things up.