Peter's 'Bachelor' Drama Continued Even *After* Filming Wrapped

Peter's 'Bachelor' finale will confirm if he chooses Madison or Hannah Ann, or neither.
John Fleenor/ABC

When it comes to Peter's Bachelor season, the drama never ends — and that goes doubly so for his finale. Though Peter's final rose ceremony was filmed in late November 2019 while he was in Australia, ABC executive Rob Mills told Variety that the season was "pretty unresolved" because "a lot of stuff went down since November when we finished filming." What that "stuff" is, we don't yet know; as Chris Harrison likes to keep proclaiming, not even Peter knows how his season ends. But there are a few guesses to be made.

We saw in Part 1 that Peter's family wants him to be with Hannah Ann over Madison. We also saw Madison decide to quit the show because of she and Peter's different beliefs and lifestyles, leaving him devastated and confused about what to do next. Hannah Ann pretty immediately picked up on this, telling Peter, "You just seem not completely there like I am," to which Peter confessed that he was "being pulled in two different directions." They hugged goodbye after the date, but as Hannah Ann told the cameras, she felt like her "heart [was] already breaking."

The preview clip for Part 2 of the finale shows Madison admitting to Chris Harrison that she regrets her decision to leave. This suggests that the long-teased footage of Chris breaking some news to Peter before his final rose ceremony is the host revealing that Madison has returned, leaving the pilot even more uncertain. At this point, what he chooses to do with that information is anyone's guess, but the most logical explanation for the continued filming is that a) Peter chooses no one and decides to continue seeing them both or b) He proposes to someone, but then changes his mind á la Arie Luyendyk.

The latter option would align most with all of Peter's wishy-washy decision-making this season, but it's all very up in the air right now. Only Tuesday night's live show will tell who he ends up with...if anyone at all.