Colton's 'Women Tell All' Was Filmed Weeks Before The Fence Jump Aired On TV

Eric McCandless/ABC

Colton's long-awaited fence jump may be the most highly anticipated moment of the season, but now that it's finally happened, it's time to turn our attention to something even more dramatic: the Women Tell All special. On Tuesday night, Colton's exes will get together to discuss the season and address any grievances they have with both Colton and each other. But when was Colton's Women Tell All special filmed, exactly? Despite the fact that the season itself wrapped up a while ago, this particular Bachelor episode allows viewers to see what these ladies have been up to in the time since leaving the show.

Typically, Bachelor seasons wrap up at some point in November, which means that the Women Tell All special would have to take place after then. However, thanks to series creator Mike Fleiss, we're able to narrow it down to a much more specific timeline than that. Fleiss is known for teasing out tidbits of each given Bachelor or Bachelorette installment on Twitter and Colton's Women Tell All is no exception to that rule. In fact, he made a point of tweeting out on Feb. 22 that they were all currently in the process of filming the Women Tell All segment right at that very moment.

"Filming #WomenTellAll right now," Fleiss tweeted, leaving no room for interpretation. That means some of these ladies have gone several months without seeing each other, and given all the drama that went down during Colton's season, you better believe that they all have some things they'd like to get off their chest to help clear the air and allow fans to see things from their own point of view.

When you're filming The Bachelor, it's impossible to know what's going on at all times with the other women and who is saying what about you behind your back. Now that the season has pretty much aired in full, these contestants have gotten a chance to see firsthand what the cameras were able to capture and how they themselves were being portrayed thanks to the powers of editing. This episode will give them the opportunity to confront each other one final time and spill some more of that delicious Bachelor tea.

Demi, Hannah B., Heather, Caelynn — all of your favorites that Colton showed the door to will be back on your television screens. Even Nicole and Onyeka will return to help break down their former feud — one that not even Colton's presence could put to an end on the show. Have they finally made up with one another? That seems unlikely, but hey, you never know on The Bachelor, especially when it comes to the Women Tell All. Anything can happen, which makes it a must-see affair.

Obviously, these women have a lot of ground to cover in a two hour time period, but while you're watching just keep in mind that one of them could ultimately become the next Bachelorette. Perhaps it'll even get announced by the end of the episode. Come on, Chris Harrison — give the people what they want!