Here's What Fans Should Know About The Fate Of 'Big Brother'

Sonja Flemming/CBS

CBS hit reality show Big Brother is wrapping up Season 20 on Sept. 26. The series has been a TV mainstay for many years and fans are wondering when will Big Brother return for another round of elimination drama? Per Inquistr, a casting call for next season was announced following the Sept. 20 episode and caused frantic reality TV hopefuls to crash the website. There has yet to be a public official word from CBS, but this pretty much confirms that the show will return at some point next year.

This isn't shocking news considering that this season's Big Brother ratings were still solid with an average of 5 million people tuning in according to Deadline. Obviously, fans are still quite invested in the housemates’ daily happenings. TMZ also reported that a CBS insider believes TV personality and current host Julie Chen wants to keep hosting Big Brother if the show comes back for future seasons. This means the only piece that is missing is the official green light from CBS to bring the show back for more episodes.

Chen has hosted the show since its 2000 debut and recently announced via Twitter that she's leaving her other CBS show The Talk to focus on her family. Her decision to leave The Talk comes heels of sexual assault allegations against her husband Les Moonves, whom she married in 2004 according to Town & Country Magazine. Shortly after the accusations were made public, Chen released a statement on Twitter to confirm that she would stand behind him and support his denial, as stated in The New Yorker, of any wrongdoing.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Los Angeles Times recently reported that Moonves resigned as the Chairman and CEO of CBS Corporations after the allegations were brought to light. Chen temporarily backed away from the spotlight, but she resumed her Big Brother hosting duties on Sept. 13 and made a strong statement by switching up her sign-off message. She looked directly in the camera and stated her full name, saying “From outside the Big Brother House…I’m Julie Chen Moonves, Goodnight.” Until this point, the TV host had never used her married name in a professional capacity so viewers took it as a clear sign that she would continue to support her husband.

If (or should we say when) Big Brother is renewed, it would make sense for Julie to stay. First, Deadline revealed that she is contracted with the show until Fall 2019, which would carry her through another season. She could finish out her contract and then decide if she's ready to move on or wants to stay for possible future seasons.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Julie Chen, but fans can celebrate another season of Big Brother when it's announced. As a fan favorite, the reality competition show has become a staple for dedicated viewers. So don't stress too much that there's not a new premiere date just yet. Just think — there's a whole new cast ready to move into the infamous.