When Will Elena Come Back On 'Vampire Diaries'? Nina Dobrev's Return Will Be Brief

Annette Brown/The CW

A few weeks ago the big announcement was made that Nina Dobrev is coming back to TheVampire Diaries for the series finale. I’ll give you a second to get excited again, because it is super thrilling news for fans of the show. Without her final return, the Vampire Diaries wouldn’t have been able to have a satisfying ending. Now fans want to know, though, when will her character Elena return to TVD. It seems, unfortunately, that we will have to wait a few more weeks for her to come back, as she only headed back to shoot the very last episode of the show.

“I’m so excited to have Nina back to ensure our farewell episode is truly epic!” co-creator Kevin Williamson told Deadline of her return. Meanwhile, Dobrev Instagrammed a photo of the very last script, which means it’s highly unlikely Elena Gilbert will be back before the very end.

The last time we saw Elena (not including the flashbacks of the Miss Mystic Falls from Season 1) was at the very end of Season 6 when Kai came to Alaric and Jo’s wedding and murdered her, before putting a spell on Elena and Bonnie. Yeah, he was pretty much the most annoying antagonist the show ever had, so I’m super glad he’s back. Note the sarcasm. The deal was that Elena would wake up again when Bonnie died, so she’s been chilling in a box for a number of years now. And, now fans know that, one way or another, Elena will be back for the finale. The show even teased the series finale with a 10 second clip of Elena asking what happened and why she was back so soon.

So how will our Sleeping Beauty finally be awaken? Here are some theories.

Kai Will Undo The Spell


OK, I am never one to trust Kai, but he's back and he's making some pretty hefty promises. At the end of the last episode he said he could wake Elena up since he was the one that put the spell on her. I'm pretty sure he's never kept a promise since we met him and we still have a few episodes before she’s meant to come back, so I think Kai helping out probably won’t be the case.

Bonnie Will Die


This is going to be devastating if it’s true. We already lost Enzo and it will be crushing to lose Bonnie too. If Bonnie dies, then the spell will bring Elena back to life. This is what actually is meant to happen, but I don’t want to say good-bye to Bon Bon.

They Will Find A Loophole


For the most part, over the past eight seasons, the Mystic Falls group have usually been able to find a loophole in every situation. Whether it be bringing back the dead, killing Silas, reversing mistakes, etc. I feel like this will be yet another time when they come together and find a loophole. The ideal situation would be to have Bonnie get her magic back and break the spell. I’m rooting for this option.

She's Not Actually Awake Yet


We’ve gotten to see characters come back in very strange ways this season, but the big one was Damon’s subconscious. What if what we’re seeing in the series finale isn’t actually Elena alive in the present time. What if we see her in some alternate universe place. This is the Vampire Diaries after all, anything is possible.

Damon And Elena Both Die


Maybe the show will end with Damon and Elena together, but they won’t be alive. Maybe they could create a new “other side” and that’s how Damon and Elena end up back together. It would be a pretty interesting twist. Unlikely, but you never know!

Cade Will Strike A Deal

Annette Brown/The CW

I feel like if anyone has the power to get rid of an evil spell, it’s probably the devil. I feel like most of our villains in the past have helped out the group in one way or another in the end. Klaus always did crappy things, but every once in awhile he had a good moment. Maybe waking up Elena will be Cade’s. Whatever the case, rest assured we'll see Elena for the final episode in some way.