'Rent' Live Is Coming To Our Screens Soon

Sony Pictures

Fox has revealed which Broadway show will be adapted for the small screen next. As Variety reported on Friday, Fox announced that Rent will be one of the next live musicals on the network. But when does Rent Live air exactly? Sorry to disappoint, but it looks like we'll have to wait a little while for that answer. The premiere date for the Marc Platt-produced event has yet to be announced.

UPDATE: On Sept. 25, Deadline reported that Fox's Rent Live finally has a premiere date. The musical will air on Jan. 27, 2019.

EARLIER: Now, will we have to wait 525,600 minutes for Rent Live? There is a chance we might not. Here is something to consider: Variety said Rent Live is Fox's "next" live musical. Here is another thing to consider: Fox will gift us with a live A Christmas Story musical this December. So, if Rent Live is indeed Fox's next live musical, it would have to happen before December. Because if it were to happen after the TV musical adaptation of A Christmas Story, then it wouldn't be the next live musical. Right? Sorry to get all hung up on a single word, but here I am.

Then again, the announcement of a live A Christmas Story adaptation came before revealing the Rent Live news. So, when Variety said Rent: Live will happen "next," maybe they meant it will be the next musical after A Christmas Story. Augh, what does the "next" mean?

Take me for what I am: a lovable, droll geek who is still hung up on that one word.