How Jon Snow May Finally Learn Who His Parents Are On 'GoT'

Macall B. Polay/HBO

One of Game of Thrones' biggest mysteries, a fan theory that predates the show itself, was confirmed in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale. Jon Snow was proven to not be Ned Stark's bastard, but instead, the secret child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Fans have known the truth since the end of Season 6, but is someone going to tell Jon about all of this? It seems pretty important that someone tells him. Fans are yearning to know when Jon Snow finds out about his parents, but he doesn't seem much closer to finding out than he was when it was revealed.

Jon Snow famously used to know nothing. Now, he knows some things. He knows that dragons are real. He knows that Valyrian Steel kills White Walkers. He also knows that his Uncle Benjen was actually alive (kind of) and then watched him get attacked by a horde of wights literally seconds after discovering that he was still alive. But for all that he does know, there are many things he doesn't. Fortunately for Jon, two of his closest allies do know about Jon's true parentage, but will they tell him before he makes a major familial mistake?

Jon Snow is fortunate to have two of the most knowledgable people in Westeros on his side. His good friend Sam recently took up whatever the Game of Thrones version of an internship is, but didn't get much time to learn. While at The Citadel in Oldtown, he spent most of his time cleaning bedpans and complaining about how much he hated his internship. His partner Gilly, however, stumbled across some important information. The revelation that Rhaegar and Lyanna had a secret marriage proves that Jon Snow is the rightful King of Westeros, but Sam didn't get to hear all of the information before cutting off Gilly and leaving Oldtown. Sam and Gilly know this crucial information, but they may not know that they know it.

Luckily for Jon Snow, his younger brother happens to have the entire history of Westeros logged into his mind. Now that Bran is in Westeros, he could easily reveal the truth to Jon. Bran could tell Jon about his parents and inform him of the annulment, thus proving that he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. This would all be very simple if Bran didn't also choose to be a total weirdo and be oddly specific about what he is revealing to others.

Both Sam and Bran could reveal the truth to Jon Snow. Bran is in Westeros and Sam is headed to Eastwatch, both popular travel stops for the King in the North. However, they may not be able to tell him before his sexual tension with Dany becomes impossible to resist, leading to Jon having a romantic connection with his own aunt. While this information might put a stop to the connection between Jon and Dany, it could also affect their political affiliation. Will Dany fight alongside Jon if he would get the throne over her? How will the Stark children react when they discover that Jon is not really their half brother, but their cousin? Will Cersei finally take Jon as a serious threat? The truth is bound to come out at any moment, and it will be very interesting to see how other characters react when they finally learn what the audience has known all along.