You'll See The Royal Peach Palette Again Soon


Kylie Jenner’s latest eye shadow palette won people’s hearts ever since it was first teased online. So, it should come as a surprise to literally no one that it sold out in just nine minutes, according to the brand's Instagram. I mean, of course it did! If you weren’t lucky enough to receive an order confirmation before its old out then you need to find out when the Kylie Cosmetics’ Royal Peach Palette will restock because you need these shades in your life.

Once these shadows had officially gone out of stock, Jenner posted to her Instagram to assure everyone that Royal Peach will be up for grabs again, since it has been confirmed that this palette will be a permanent part of the collection, after all. She urged fans to stay tuned to Kylie Cosmetics’ social media accounts to find out when the next restock will be. While there’s been no official date announced yet, I have a feeling Jenner won’t make people wait too long to see these gorgeous hues become available online once again.

Considering this is a permanent part of the Kylie Cosmetics line-up, there will plenty of shopping opportunities to come, which is probably a good thing. Because colors this incredible will likely sell out quickly until some of the hype dies down. As always, when it comes to getting your hands on goods from this brand, the “try and try again” method applies!

These peachy colors were far too yummy to stick around for long.

And they didn't even make it to the 10 minute mark!

But, not to worry. Jenner's already got a restock in the works.

She's also showing off how to wear the shades (you know, for all of those who were lucky enough to snatch it before it was gone). Here, she's wearing North Star, Duchess and Sandy.

Those who did purchase this product are pretty freaking excited about it, for obvious reasons.

As for everyone else, well, we'll be waiting.

Your move, Jenner.