Mary & Romain From 'Selling Sunset' May Be Hiding A Huge Wedding Clue In Plain Sight


Real Housewives fans may have found their new fix with Netflix's Selling Sunset. The Los Angeles-based show follows six luxury real estate agents from the esteemed Oppenheim Group as they compete to sell some of the area's biggest, most elaborate homes. Amid all the hustle, the women do make room for their love lives, and Mary Fitzgerald's relationship with Romain Bonnet is perhaps one of the most intriguing Season 1 plot points. They got engaged in Episode 3, which has left fans wondering when Mary will walk down the aisle.

During the show's second episode, Mary celebrated her 38th birthday and she and 25-year-old Romain discussed their future together. She asked him if he wants kids because, due to their age gap, his answer could determine their relationship's fate. He said he might want kids in "five or 10 years," which sent Mary into a worried spiral. But all of that settled when he proposed to her in bed the morning after her birthday party.

When she happily strolled into the office with a ring on her finger that morning, her co-workers congratulated her, but were concerned because she was just crying over him days before. She assured them that they talked things over and decided to take things as they come.

"I'm really shocked because she was just crying about the relationship," newcomer Chrishell Hartley said on the show. "But sometimes these kind of fights have a way of like shaking things loose, so I'm hoping that's for the right reasons though. And he realized in that moment, like, he could lose her."

Davina Potraz, however, was more troubled by the fact that Mary's ring was made of Moissanite, not diamond. Mary told them that it was only temporary, and that he was saving up for the ring she deserved. "I was kind of shocked that it's fake," Davina said. "I would rather have a real ring, me personally, I think most of the girls probably feel the same way."

Fast forward to now, Chrishell, Davina, and Selling Sunset fans can rest assured, because Mary and Romain are still together and she finally has a real diamond ring. According to her Instagram, they picked up the bling on April 7 and are planning a destination wedding.

"I'm starting to look at wedding dresses!" she wrote on Instagram, sharing a few screenshots of models in gowns. "What style do you think would look best on me? Keep in mind we are planning a destination wedding so I want something beautiful, elegant, but not over the top."

In another Instagram post, she shared a picture of the scene where she was consoled by her co-workers after that tough conversation with Romain. "How things have changed since this episode was shot!" she wrote. "Romain and I are happier than ever...thank God!"

The couple hasn't shared any more wedding details — including an official date — but back in February, they took a trip to France to meet Mary's future in-laws. Perhaps they were there to scope out a ceremony spot as well. Who wouldn't love a destination wedding under La Tour de Eiffel or in the gardens of Versailles? The opportunities there are endless and totally extravagant, which would be the perfect fit for Mary and Romain.