When Will Rachel & Bryan Get Married After 'The Bachelorette'?

Rodrigo Varela/ABC

Rachel Lindsay has made it abundantly clear that she wasn't going to walk away from The Bachelorette with just another boyfriend, and in Monday night's finale, fans finally got to see the long-promised proposal. But now that we know the Dallas-based lawyer is officially engaged to Bryan Abasolo, the couple have a lot of questions to field. First and foremost: When will Rachel and Bryan get married after The Bachelorette?

True to form, Rachel isn't wasting any time when it comes to tying the knot. Generally, Bachelor Nation couples like to take their time when it comes to planning their nuptials, but as viewers well know, Rachel does not play, and she wants to get married "sooner rather than later," she told USA Today in an interview late last month.

Still, she's being realistic (they did just meet a few months ago) and wants to get to know Bryan better first and make sure they can last in the long run. The Bachelorette's grand, globe-trotting romance certainly makes for good television, but it doesn't exactly offer its stars an accurate depiction of what a real world relationship would be like. As she told fellow Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti during a recent interview with Access Hollywood:

“I’m definitely going to date my fiancé off camera. I mean, I feel like it’s important to cultivate the relationship in a normal setting and for the first time in two weeks, we will be normal — as best as you can be. I definitely want to do it sooner than later, but we’re going to get to know each other at the same time.”

She continued, with a smile: “It’s not happening this year, maybe next year.”

So, if things go well, Rachel and Bryan are likely looking at a 2018 wedding date, which is relatively quick even for reality show dating's accelerated pace. But one thing Bryan and Rachel have in common: They're dead-set on settling down and don't want to wait long to do so, a large reason they ended up together in the first place.

When their big day does arrive, they'll continue to break barriers, just as Rachel did all season. "I personally wouldn't want to wear a dress. I'd like to wear a white tuxedo," Rachel told USA Today in the same interview.

In the meantime, Bryan and Rachel are just settling back into the real world, but from the sounds of it, it won't be long until they say "I do."