Rachel's 'Bach' Season Will Be Here Soon

ABC/Mark Coffey

After 12 seasons, you know the drill. A season doesn't even have to be over before people start talking about the next Big Thing in Bachelor world. And even though there are still four women to go before Nick gives a final rose, fans already anticipating the new leading lady's turn on the show. 'When will Rachel's season of The Bachelorette premiere?

In past seasons, The Bachelorette has premiered around the second-to-last or last week of May and it runs until around July or August, depending on its episode count. The Bachelor franchise is pretty standard, and this has been the norm for the past nine years, so there's no reason to think that 2017 will be any different. And with The Bachelor ending around March, that means we're not waiting too long for Rachel's premiere.

Between everyone's favorite nanny-loving "villain" Corinne to sweet, mature Rachel, there were a lot of women that stole our drama-loving hearts this season. Despite the many favorites that emerged as Nick's suitors, producer Mike Fleiss teased that the announcement would be "historic." And ABC President Channing Dungey told reporters at last year's Television Critics Association panel that she wanted to increase diversity on the show. So it makes sense that Rachel was the chosen one. (Not that she's just her race, of course. She's also a badass cool lawyer who definitely deserves to be the Bachelorette.)

This is first time that a Bachelorette has been announced so early, as the announcement usually takes place after the Final Rose ceremony in March. But, for such a historic occasion, I guess the show wanted to break the rules. But, the rules will likely stay in place as far as premieres go, and we'll see Rachel's season begin in May.