The Best Things From Nick's 'Bach' Season So Far

At the beginning of every season of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison makes a promise to us: "This season will be like nothing you've ever seen on The Bachelor before." That statement isn't always true, but when it comes to Nick Viall's season, it definitely applies. Between Corinne and her villainous ways, Nick being such a surprising choice for Bachelor, and multiple two-on-one dates, there's a lot to love so far — and there's still a long way to go before that final rose is handed out. But how could anyone choose what the best moments of Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor are so far? It's almost impossible.

I've been watching The Bachelor for a long time, and usually, it's the women who really make the season, not the leading man, and although I have always loved Nick, I think that still holds true. There have been so many funny moments that couldn't have happened without these contestants, and they're what make me look forward to watching every Monday night as the weeks go by.

There are so many awesome things that have happened on Nick's season of The Bachelor so far, but here are some of the best. How the rest of his "amazing journey" plays out has yet to be seen, but I have a feeling this one will be worth a re-watch.

The Shark/Dolphin Debate

The minute Alexis got out of that limo in her shark costume, I knew I would love her — and then I loved her even more every time she insisted that her costume (which was very obviously a shark) was actually a dolphin. And then, there's also the fact that she stayed in said costume even through the rose ceremony. What a good sport!

Corinne's Cheese Pasta

There are a lot of things that confuse me about Corinne, but one of the things that was most puzzling to me was her affinity for cheese pasta, and apparently her nanny, Raquel, is the only one capable of making it. By her description, it sounds like it's literally just pasta and cheese, and honestly, you can't go wrong with those ingredients, but it will be a Bachelor moment that will be remembered forever.

Anytime Corinne Talked About Raquel

It blows my mind that a 24-year-old has a nanny (mainly because I wish I had one, too) and anytime Corinne brought her up, it led to comedic gold. Why has Raquel yet to appear on an episode this season?! I demand her to join Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

When Corinne Napped Instead Of Going To The Rose Ceremony

Honestly, she already had the had the rose. Just let her sleep. It's probably easier for everyone this way.

And When She Napped Instead Of Participating On A Date

She played volleyball for, like, five minutes, announced that she had been athletic enough for the day, and then went to sleep. We've seen a lot of weird things on The Bachelor, but there has never been a contestant who is so sure of her relationship with the leading man that she's slept through a date. You have to give her props for her confidence!

When Alexis Was Terrified Of Nicolas Cage

To be fair, Nick wearing that mask was pretty scary, even if Cage isn't on your list of phobias. Who could blame her?

When Jasmine Went On A Rant About The Entire Concept Of The Bachelor

It might have come out of left field, but if you ask me, she was making some pretty good points. You know how she said she didn't go on that show to go to St. Thomas, she was there to find a husband? Yeah, um, I have a feeling more contestants are actually there to go to St. Thomas than you'd think, so maybe Jasmine should have gotten her time with Nick after all.

And Then When She Wanted To Choke Nick

Yeah, that part was a little much. But it was definitely funny, in a WTF kind of way.

When Corinne Met Her New "Nanny"

And by "nanny," I mean the housekeeper who cleaned the women's suite at the beach. But I'm not 100 percent convinced that housekeeper wasn't just planted there for the Corinne-related comedic relief — and I don't hate it, either.

When Nick & Vanessa Had Their Zero Gravity Date

Hands down the best date of the season and one of the most adorable moments in Bachelor history ever. Not only was the actual anti-gravity plane amazing, but Nick still wanted to kiss her after she threw up, which means they have an actual human connection here. Guys, I'm pretty sure Vanessa is too good for this earth. If Nick doesn't marry her, I will.

Kristina's Emotional Adoption Story

During her first one-on-one date with Nick, Kristina explained that she grew up in an orphanage in Russia after her mom kicked her out of their home at just six years old. Later, she was adopted by an American family and made the painful decision to leave her sister behind for a better life. Nick got teary listening to it, and so did I — and it made Kristina immediately rocket to the top of the list of my favorites for this season.

So many amazing moments have already happened on The Bachelor this season, and I just know there are more to come. I can't wait to see what lies ahead as Nick attempts to figure out who he should spend the rest of his life with. Don't mess this up, buddy. I need to see him walk away with a happy ending, finally!