When Will 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Return? Season 10 Could Be The Series' Most Dramatic Ever

Annette Brown/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 has come to an end with the show's "Secrets Revealed" special after a series of explosive reunions. But after this season ends, when will The Real Housewives of Atlanta return? Bravo renewed RHOA, along with many of its other reality series, for another season in late April. This will be the series' 10th season, and feature its 200th episode. So RHOA Season 10 is already going to be a major milestone for the series.

So, how long do the people have to wait before seeing this new season? Not that long, considering. The last five seasons of the show, dating back to 2012, have debuted in early November. Even though Bravo hasn't announced a premiere date yet, it stands to reason that unless there's some kind of delay that stops the series from filming this summer, it should be on its way come November. That's actually not that long away, considering that RHOA seasons last basically five months, making the show on the air nearly as long as it's taking time off.

And there's a lot to look forward to in RHOA's tenth season. According to TMZ, former Housewife Kim Zolciak will be returning to RHOA in a "limited role" next year, not as a full cast member, because of conflicts with Don't Be Tardy. There's precedent for this, since Kim appeared at Shereé's housewarming party in the finale of Season 9. In that episode, Kim and Kenya briefly clashed — maybe this increased appearance will mean that these two will hash out their issues or, turn them into a full-blown feud.


It is worth noting that Bravo hasn't confirmed that Kim will return, nor have they announced any other casting decisions. The cast of Season 9 is in a pretty good place, though Cynthia, who hasn't generated much of a story in years, threatened that she might have some interest in moving to California during an episode. Otherwise, though, it seems that each member of the RHOA cast is worth their weight in drama, and has certainly earned their way back for another season. But there's one person missing.


According to a TMZ interview with NeNe, she thinks that if she does return, she should be paid more than Kim... but she's not totally opposed to the idea of coming back. That's a big change, because back in 2016, before the premiere of Season 9, NeNe turned down a RHOA guest appearance, according to People magazine, saying, "When we couldn’t work the deal out on me making appearances, then they went to Kim to work the same thing, I suppose." Things seems a little farther along with Kim's Season 10 negotiations than NeNe's — because Ms. Leakes, true to her word, did not appear in Season 9 — but it's possible that the original stars of Atlanta; Kim, NeNe, and Shereé, could all be back on Bravo at the exact same time at the end of this year.