'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'-Themed Menu Items Kandi & Todd Need For Old Lady Gang

It's finally time that Real Housewives fans and the residents of Atlanta, Georgia, get ready for Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker's restaurant, Old Lady Gang. The website for the restaurant says that those who are interested can sign up to hear about the grand opening, but judging by the restaurant's Yelp page, it sounds like it's in the middle of a soft opening currently, which means things must be moving along. We know that Kandi and Todd's restaurant will serve Southern cuisine, but since there is still time for Kandi to alter her menu, I took it upon myself to come up with some Real Housewives of Atlanta -themed menu items that Kandi should serve at her new restaurant.

Yes, I know that Kandi is not best of friends with the entire cast, but she's a smart entrepreneur who is very aware of how being on the reality show has really elevated her personal brand. That's why I think it would be such a great idea to incorporate the other cast members into the menu. I'm not looking for recipes or anything from the ladies — because I feel like that would lead to some sort of feud over splitting profits — but I think it would be cute to name some of the dishes and beverages after Kandi's RHOA costars. As a Real Housewives super fan, I know this would bring in my fellow devoted viewers.

Kandi, if you're reading this, hear me out. I have some ideas that I want to throw your way.

"I'm Rich, B*tch" BellNeNe Inspired By NeNe Leakes


I don't even know if NeNe even drinks bellinis, but I think she would definitely try a drink named BellNeNe. Plus, NeNe and her fans would be all over anything with NeNe's signature quote "I'm Rich, B*tch" in the title.

Blondies Inspired By Kim Zolciak


It's only fitting to serve up some blondies in honor of Kim and her signature blonde wig collection for dessert. (And from a serious, menu perspective it would be even better if the blondies were warm with some vanilla ice cream on top.)

Shady Short Ribs Inspired By Phaedra Parks


This one is a little bit of a stretch, but hear me out. My girl Phaedra Parks is a queen when it comes to throwing shade and she was a member of the RHOA clique "the smalls" because of her short stature, so it makes sense to have some short ribs on the menu inspired by Phaedra's humor and height.

SHEsh Kebabs By Shereé Inspired By Shereé Whitfield


Shereé Whitfield's She by Shereé clothing line was notorious for taking so long to launch, and its name has become iconic within the Housewives fandom. So, obviously, the OLG menu needs an item that's a play on words. SHEsh kebabs by Shereé sounds good to me. And who doesn't like shish kebabs?

Twirl Tea Inspired By Kenya Moore


Kenya Moore always delivers when it comes to throwing shade and spilling the tea. Every time I watch the show, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Kenya is going to say next. I have no idea why anyone in her right mind would ever come for Kenya, but when it happens, she always has plenty of tea to spill.

Kandied Yams Inspired By Kandi Burruss


How could Kandi have a restaurant without giving herself a shoutout on the menu? Kandi is probably the most humble Housewife, even though she's one of the most successful RHOA cast members, but she still needs to get some shine at her own restaurant. Not only that, but her name lends itself to so many possibilities. Kandied yams could end up being a favorite of her regular customers.

Hot Toddies Inspired By Todd Tucker


OLG is Todd's restaurant, too, so he deserves to be included. Why not serve up some Hot Toddies? I'm sure Kandi would get behind this one, because I'm pretty sure she think's her husband is a Hot Toddy.

Popovers Inspire By Porsha Williams


Porsha Williams is notorious for her hot temper. She is ready to pop off at any moment, so why not to turn that into a positive by adding popovers to the menu?

"Atlanta Mama" Inspired By Mama Joyce


There's no way that I could leave out my girl Mama Joyce, even though she is already a member of the Old Lady Gang. I racked my brain thinking about a fitting menu item for someone who seems to have very specific tastes and high standards, and I'm thinking Kandi could modify the Bahama Mama recipe by adding some peach flavor in honor of Georgia and changing the name up to honor their city. If you ask me, the Atlanta Mama would be a major hit.

Take it from this superfan, incorporating the RHOA cast into the Old Lady Gang would definitely bring in the Housewives fan base — even more than the restaurant already will.