When Will 'Schitt's Creek' Season 6 Be On Netflix? Fans Could Be In For A Wait

The Rose family's farewell tour begins Jan. 7 on Pop TV, but streaming fans everywhere want to know when Schitt's Creek Season 6 will be on Netflix. If you prefer to marathon the Emmy-nominated comedy, then you might want to prepare yourself for a wait. If previous seasons are any indication, the sixth and final season of the show might not land on Netflix until the fall — and yes, we feel your pain.

While Netflix has been instrumental to Schitt's Creek's stateside success, the comedy isn't one of the streamer's original series. It's actually a Canadian import that airs on the CBC in Canada and on Pop TV in the United States — even though many fans have discovered the show through its streaming home. There's no official release date for Schitt's Creek Season 6 on Netflix just yet, but based on when the past seasons made their way to the streamer, we anticipate an October 2020 premiere date.

Every season of Schitt's Creek has premiered linearly in January, with the first two seasons landing on Netflix in January 2017, per What's On Netflix. After that, Seasons 3-5 each had their Netflix premiere in October, roughly 10 months after their cable debut. If that pattern holds, then the final season of the Roses' adventures in Schitt's Creek will start streaming on Netflix sometime this October.

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If that's just too long for you to wait for David and Patrick's wedding, then you can always watch Season 6 on Pop TV or stream it via the cable channel's website with a cable subscription (or plan weekly viewing parties at the house of a generous friend with cable). Episodes will also be available to purchase via Apple, the Google Play store, and Amazon after they premiere on Pop TV.

Whether you decide to wait for the Netflix premiere or watch the 14-episode final season weekly, missing Season 6 is simply not an option. The Season 6 trailer makes it clear that Schitt's Creek will end with just as much heart and humor as the series has crammed into the previous five seasons. From the long-awaited nuptials of David and Patrick to Johnny admitting that moving to the small town has changed his family's lives for the better, there's plenty to look forward to as the Rose family prepares to say goodbye. And plenty of reasons to keep your fingers crossed for an earlier Netflix premiere for Schitt's Creek's last season.