'Superstore' Will Stay Open For Season 3

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Season 2 of the NBC sitcom Superstore has seen Glenn get his job back, the reveal of the Jeff/Mateo/Sandra love triangle, and Cheyenne and Bo's wedding. With the season finale airing on May 4, the next question among fans is when Superstore will return for Season 3.

Luckily, fans can watch the finale with ease. According to Variety, NBC has renewed Superstore for a third season of 22 episodes. In a press release from NBC Entertainment, president Jennifer Salke said, “We are extremely proud of ‘Superstore,’ which is one of the smartest and funniest comedies on television today. Through the show’s expertly drawn characters, our producers and cast do a remarkable job touching on many issues in which audiences can relate. To its credit, not only does ‘Superstore’ make us laugh, but it makes us think as well.”

While still keeping to the show's comedy roots, Season 2 took advantage of many opportunities to explore real-life issues. Mateo struggles with keeping his undocumented status a secret while building on his relationship with Jeff. Naturally, Cheyenne and Bo's attempts to be responsible grown-ups don't work out, but it is clear they are working through it together. Amy and her husband explore marriage counseling, and viewers got to see Glenn struggle with his conservative views among his liberal employees. Honestly, there need to be more moments with Glenn screaming, "I'm a feminist! I'm a big, flaming feminist!"

Now that the employees of Cloud 9 have grown some more, here's what I really want to see in Superstore Season 3:

The Impact Of The Cloud 9 Layoffs

Despite Glenn trying to convince Jeff at Cheyenne's wedding that Cloud 9 is a family, Jeff still needs Glenn to lay off 10% of his employees. Thanks to Glenn blurting out the news at the wedding, everyone now knows that their jobs aren't safe, which could lead to Season 3 missing a few faces in the breakroom. The biggest question is how these layoffs will affect the dynamic at Cloud 9.

What separates Superstore from other workplace comedies is its focus on how relationships can form among minimum wage employees, despite the endless hours with little pay and benefits. Glenn has always tried to make Cloud 9 a home, but he may not be able to fight this request from corporate.

Will Glenn & Jonah Have More Lunch Dates?
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

One of the best moments of Season 2 was watching a desperate Jonah get Glenn to like him. Watching Jonah and Glenn ask "getting to know you" questions over lunch needs to happen again in Season 3. Fans know that Glenn is a nurturing father to his foster children, but it would be fun to see him play a father figure role to a clueless Jonah.

Another Glenn/Jonah lunch could finally give viewers Jonah's belated answer to Glenn's most pressing question: "What's the biggest dog you've ever seen, and why?"

Will Dina & Garrett's Relationship Get Weirder?

In a surprising turn of events, Dina seems to be the only one who can make Garrett stumble over his quips. It is unclear whether or not Garrett will find a place in Dina's heart along with her many birds, but hopefully their delightfully weird pairing will continue to get stranger over Season 3.

According to Colton Dunn, even he isn't sure how to define the Garrett and Dina relationship. As he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "It’s pretty funny, and it’s definitely given us a chance to see a different side of Garrett, one that’s not so cool and collected… I don’t even know what the attraction is. I haven’t been able to figure out what it is he’s attracted to, or what Dina is."

Will Amy & Jonah Finally Get Together?

At Cheyenne's wedding, it is revealed that everyone sees Jonah and Amy as "work husband and wife," which gets a little awkward (okay, a lot awkward) in front of Amy's real husband, Adam, and Jonah's girlfriend, Kristin.

Now that both relationships are taking a break, will this finally be the moment that Jonah and Amy get together? For starters, they have fun together and they work together (basically the goals for a Jim and Pam relationship), but Amy has her family to think about too.

Cheyenne & Bo Stay Married
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With Amy's marriage possibly ending, Season 3's power couple could be Cheyenne and Bo. With a wedding theme of "Sick As Hell," these two delivered a TV wedding that was equal parts sweet and confusing (those rap vows were an emotional roller coaster).

Viewers have seen Cheyenne and Bo navigate teen parenthood with their adorable baby Harmonica and survive Bo's many different get-rich-quick schemes, so it might be nice to see them enter adulthood as husband and wife.

Jeff & Mateo Get Back Together
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Mateo's undocumented status has been a interesting angle on a comedy like Superstore as viewers have watched Mateo's anxiety over it creep up in different ways this season. Mateo has always been the most ambitious of the Cloud 9 crew, but since this reveal, he has held himself back.

Watching Mateo get everything he wanted - a promotion and a chance to be closer to Jeff - but be unable to accept it was heartbreaking. It is clear that Jeff and Mateo are missing each other — I hope they can work out Mateo's green card situation together in Season 3.

Sandra Gets A Win
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Sandra's imaginary relationship with Jeff was an exhausting journey, so it was nice for her to bump into Jerry at Cheyenne's wedding... only to discover he's dating Carol. It's obvious that Jerry and Sandra are perfect for each other, and Jerry asking her for consent so he can kiss her was adorable and perfect. Throughout Season 2, Sandra has been used as the butt of many jokes. Perhaps with Jerry, Sandra may get the happy ending she deserves.

Superstore Season 3 is a foregone conclusion, but these plot developments are just a wishlist... for now.