When Will ‘Sweet Home Oklahoma’ Come Back?

Remember when the Sweet Home Oklahoma season finale happened on Monday? And remember when we were not ready to let the Bravo reality series go? Well, I’ll be an invitation to a French Bulldog’s surprise party, Jennifer Welch, Lee Murphy, Josh Welch, and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan will be back before we know it: Sweet Home Oklahoma will return on July 10. As in two months from now. I will raise a sippy cup of iced tea to that news.

Earlier this week, the show’s cast, the show’s production company, and Bravo’s PR account tweeted that a new batch of Sweet Home Oklahoma episodes will air this summer. Oh, and Andy Cohen apparently said something about it on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, too? (I missed the episode, I’m embarrassed about missing the episode, and I may never forgive myself for missing the episode.) Point being: In just a few weeks, we will get to put eight additional eps of Sweet Home Oklahoma in our eyes.

Now, what are these July episodes, exactly? Sorry to split hairs, but it is worth noting that the show has not actually called the forthcoming cluster of eps “Season 2.” So, I am inclined to believe this might be a Season 1b situation; Monday’s finale may not be a finale, but the beginning of a brief mid-season hiatus. Either way, I am stoked to know more SHO is headed our way.

Until Bravo presents us with an official announcement or a SHO trailer that includes the words “Season 2,” we can't get comfortable. We can't assume. We must err on the side of caution. As far as I can tell, Bravo has yet to share what'll happen to the show after these eight episodes. We should be grateful for the eight episodes, of course, but let us hope there are even more to come.

At any rate, my armpits are ready for July 10.