Will 'Sweet Home Oklahoma' Get A Season 2? This Reality Show Deserves To Come Back

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

If you aren't watching Sweet Home Oklahoma, I have four words for you: get right with Pumps. The first season of the Bravo reality series about three longtime friends who live in Nichols Hills, Okla. will draw to a close tonight. I don't want to see it go. It is a delight of a show and I hope it's on for seven more seasons. At least. Alas, I don’t know if Sweet Home Oklahoma will even make it to Season 2. Last Thursday, Bravo announced 18 renewals. Sweet Home Oklahoma was not one of the 18. I appreciate your thoughts during this trying time.

Granted, just because Sweet Home Oklahoma hasn’t been picked up already doesn’t necessarily mean its fate is sealed. Sure, some shows get renewed before the current season winds down, but that isn’t always the case. For example, The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 1 ended in June 2016, and Bravo didn't officially announce its renewal until April 2017. For all I know, Sweet Home Oklahoma could be renewed 10 months from now. 10 long, excruciating, uncertain months. But just as I begin to lose hope, Bravo could be like, “Surprise! Pumps, Jennifer, and Lee are coming back!” I mean, I hope Bravo wouldn't make me wait that long (and yes, this is all about me), but I would take what I could get.

Or — and I hate that this is a possibility — it could go the way of Princesses: Long Island: Canceled, but never forgotten. Ugh, devastating. If that is the case, I will miss the sippy cups, the smoking glove, Tubbers the dog, the racing pigeons, the pranks, the tracking devices, Pumps' relationship with Siri, Josh Welch’s whole vibe, and all of the genuinely beautiful friendship moments. Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, Jennifer Welch, and Lee Murphy’s bond is something to aspire to. They crack each other up constantly, they’re refreshingly honest, they troll each other like only true pals can (see: Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz), and they'd avenge a mulberry tree's death for one another. And I love all of it.

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Sweet Home Oklahoma brings a much-appreciated lighthearted, silly energy to Bravo’s current lineup, and if it were to end after Season 1, it’d leave behind a smoking glove-shaped hole. Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but man, those shows sure can veer into heavy territory. Sometimes, I need some levity mixed into the schedule, ya know? And Sweet Home Oklahoma sure delivers the levity.

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The smoking glove. The map graphic. "Butt-Licker." Mark my words: A decade from now, Sweet Home Oklahoma will be considered one of the great, underrated reality TV programs of the 2010s.