Here’s When You Can Expect The Name Of The New Royal Baby To Be Announced

by Stephanie Downs
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just brightened everyone's day by welcoming their third child, a baby boy, into the world. Now, the only question is: When will the royal baby's name be announced? Fans are definitely eager to hear what the little one's name will be.

While Kensington Palace hasn't offered any details on the baby's name or when it will be released, one only has to look to the child's siblings to see when the name might be shared. When Prince George was born in 2013, his name reveal came two days after his birth. As the BBC noted, the young royal was born on July 22 and the announcement of his name came on July 24.

It was a similar situation with his sister, Princess Charlotte. The princess was born on May 2, 2015 but the formal announcement of her name didn't come until May 4, as CNN noted. Given that both of the siblings' names weren't revealed until two days after their births, it seems likely that the royal couple will follow that tradition. So, fans could be looking at a name announcement for the duke and duchess' third child on Wednesday, April 25, which is two days after his April 23 birth.

Although, it's also possible that the royal couple could announce their child's name before then. Maybe they'll buck their own tradition and reveal their little one's moniker even sooner.

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Until the couple reveals the name of their baby boy, fans are left to speculate over what it will be. Many have made predictions over the child's name, with the most popular betting choices being Arthur, Albert, and James, with Arthur being the favorite. According to Business Insider, betting on the royal baby's sex and name has been a tradition since when the Queen was expecting her children.

The favorites amongst British bookies have accurately predicted the names of the royal children in the past, so they may be onto something with Arthur. Both George and Charlotte were the favorites before their names were officially revealed. In two days time (when the reveal is likely to be made, if not before), it's possible that royal watchers will see a "Prince Arthur" baby name announcement.

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Of course, when the name reveal inevitably comes, it will be interesting to see what route William and Catherine go with their child's middle names, too. George and Charlotte's full names, George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, saw some special ties back to their family members. Their middle names honored those such as their grandmother the late Princess Diana and their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (who's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary).

It's likely that the new royal baby's full name will honor some of their family members, as well. As USA Today noted, it's a good possibility that the child's name will pay tribute to his great-grandfather, Prince Philip, in some form.

Prior to the name reveal, the royal family has already provided numerous details and adorable photos relating to the new addition. Kensington Palace announced via Twitter that the duchess had welcomed her son into the world with William by her side. Shortly after the announcement, the duke brought his elder children to the hospital to meet their new sibling. And, honestly, it was the cutest thing ever as Charlotte really got her wave on.

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Royal watchers are probably eager for even more details about the royal baby, including a name announcement, but, rest assured, you may not be in for too long of a wait for the inevitable reveal.