Zayn's New Album Could Unexpectedly Drop Any Day Now, So Get Ready

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For fans who are waiting for new music from Zayn Malik, there's not an exact date for when will Zayn's new album will drop. Yet we're closer to an answer than ever before. In an interview with The Fader, Zayn said his new album will be out "soon." He also got candid about his health, hobbies, and absence from the 2017 VMAs. He took 25 questions from the publication (with some submitted by fans), and provided thoughtful answers for even the casual Zayn stan. He's happy, he's relaxed, and he's working on his music — but when we'll be able to hear it is a little less clear.

When Zayn spoke to The Fader, he was hesitant to reveal the album title (though he said he's excited about it), and was less than specific about a release date beyond "pretty soon, next couple of months." He did, however, mention he'd be touring for this one. "My confidence is definitely improved now," he offered, adding, "So a tour is definitely in the cards." Now that gives fans a clue. If Zayn is planning a tour in support of this album, he needs a team that books cities, dates, venues, touring managers, opening acts, merchandise, and all the other elements of a singer's first solo tour. He's already "excited to start rehearsing," too.

That takes up enough time on its own. Factor in probable tours from collaborators like Taylor Swift and former bandmate Harry Styles, and the rush to book for dates and concert halls is on.

Plus, he explains, he needs time to create a tour he's comfortable with. "The first record, I didn’t feel like there was enough material to do a proper show," he said, continuing, "We did a few auditions for the band, and we got a band together, but I just wasn’t feeling it." Considering how hard at work he is on the unnamed second LP — Zayn missed out on the 2017 VMAs to be "in the studio, working" - the tour is likely going to be next level.

Throughout the interview, Zayn fielded questions on every possible topic. Is he still smoking cigarettes? Yes, but he'd like to scale back "soon." Fortunately, that sounds like his only bad habit: the singer is going to bed early, working out, and even eating well. Fans are unlikely to catch him at the gym - he has a workout space in his house.

When pressed for any more details on about the second album, Zayn stayed vague. "It’s kind of going to be something weird with it," he said, mysteriously. "I don’t want to say more. It’s not your usual way of putting out an album, let’s say that." As for number of the title, number of tracks, genre, or release date? It seems like only time will tell. The good news is that either way, we're getting closer to a real tour.