KKW Beauty Is Launching A Collection For Kim's Birthday That's SO Different

In this day and age, to actually keep up with the Kardashian and Jenner brands means turning on all every last post notifications for all your social networks. But before you start driving yourself insane with the sound of pings from your smartphone, KKW Beauty is launching a brand new collection.

In celebration of the reality star and makeup mogul's birthday this upcoming weekend, the brand notified the beauty world on Monday that it would be releasing seven new shades of pressed & loose powder pigments. Looking at them from afar, it seems they're pigments that will werk your face for any upcoming shindigs.

Although the collection is not specifically described as an eyeshadow palette (or eye shadows for that matter) you can bet your sweet booty Judy that these are going to be lid shades for days.

The brand describes the pressed & loose powder pigments as "bright & jewel-toned shades", which sounds like eye shadow heaven. What's even more special about this launch is that it comes as a bit of an unexpected surprise as it's totally different from some of the other collections from the KKW Beauty line.

From what can be understood from the photo that the brand posted to its Instagram is that it that it looks like a beauty banger.

"To celebrate Kim Kardashian’s birthday this weekend we’re releasing a brand new collection featuring 7 Pressed Powder Pigments & 7 Loose Powder Pigments, all in bright & jewel-toned shades for the ultimate party vibe," the brand captioned the photo.

In the photo, fans can tell this collection is packed with pigment. As much as it probably pains your heart to witness broken makeup up close, you'll manage to stay dry-eyed seeing these blue, gold, silver, pink, purple, and muave tones.

If there were anyone who could transform nude into a brand, it would surely be Kim K. But last time she spoke with Bustle about her Classic Blossom collection, she'd dropped hints that her b'day collection would be a little more on the wild side.

"I feel like the last few birthdays I've really toned it down and haven't done anything, and I really wanted a really fun, more wild collection for my birthday," she told Bustle. "So... it's going to be definitely different than what KKW Beauty is used to, in terms of like, color and products."

The most recent launch of KKW Beauty's eyeshadow came to fans in the Classic Collection palette filled with a choice of 10 shades of nudes to allow everyone to get the Kim K face.

However, in this new colorful jewel-toned collection, she's serving vibrant yet wearable shades for all.

At first mention, fans only got a vague glimpse of the shades, but Kim recently posted the names of all the pigments to her Instagram Story.

And to be quite honest, the names of the pigments are giving me life, which is very much Kim K.

The Brand has already listed the entire collection online, but isn't yet available for purchase.

The Flashing Lights loose powders are priced at $17 each while the pressed powders are $21 individually.

Set your clocks now because it all officially drops on Oct. 19 at 12 PM PST.

Honestly, you can see all of the sultry looks to possibly come out of this collection which could come in handy for your next girls night out.