The Latest iOS Update Comes With New Camera Effects & Filters — Here’s How To Find Them

Kaitlyn Wylde/Bustle

As if you weren't already obsessed with the iOS 11 camera bag, the new camera effects in Apple iOS 12 are going to take that obsession to the next level. If you've heard a lot about the new camera features in Apple's latest software and operating system update, but are still wondering where the camera effects in Apple iOS 12 are, you're not alone. The new features are actually pretty hard to find if you don't know where to look. And if you thought you'd find them in the photo app or the camera app, you'd be wrong. Despite the fact that these camera effects might be most related to photography, they're actually made for text messaging so that's where they're hiding.

In order to access the new camera effects, you actually have to open the camera app through the text message media space. When you're composing a text, you'll notice a little camera icon to the left of the text body, it's been there since the last update, but now it opens up an extra function. When you tap the camera, you'll be transferred to a live image page in which you can take photos to send in text messages. There, on the lower left-hand side of the screen, you can access all of the new features to decorate your photos for text message sharing.

Once you complete a photo effect, you can save it to your camera roll and use it anywhere you like — email, Airdrop, Instagram, whatever. After you save the photo you're free to take it anywhere you want, but to use the new photo effects you'll have to do it through a text window. If you're still confused and dying to use the new Apple iOS 12 features, I'll walk you through it!

Tap The Camera Icon

Once you hit the camera icon on your compose text message page, the camera will open up. Once you're on this screen, you'll want to tap the star-like icon on the bottom left side of the screen — that's where are the tricks and treats are hiding.

Pick An Effect

Here you'll be able to see all of the effects available for you. Everyone will have a few effects, like Memoji, Animoji, photo filters, texts, shapes and hands, but depending on what apps you personally have downloaded, you might have other options, too. For example, I have the Headspace mediation app, and that come with a few stickers that I can access from this screen and decorate my photo with.

Pick A Filter, Take A Photo

In the new update, there are tons of photo filters that you can choose from before you snap a pic. Try out as many as you like before committing with a snap.

Add Text!

Now, you can add text to your images! Choose from a selection of fonts and move the text around until it's in the perfect spot.

Make Your Own Memoji

At last, the iOS 12 feature I have been most excited to use, the Memoji. This new feature lives in the same space that all the other fun camera bag effects live in. Just tap the Emoji monkey face to open the animated file, there you'll see a collection of animal Emojis to pick from, and a blank circle with a plus sign in it. Tap the plus sign and open up the Memoji folder where you can make your own custom avatar and say "goodbye" to your productivity for the day.