George & Levi From 'Queer Eye' Are Living Their Best Lives In Australia

Don Arnold/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As if Australian kangaroos and a town called Yass weren't enough to make the Fab Five jump for joy, while there, they had the privilege of making over a local bull rider (and a bistro) for a surprise YouTube special. Nominated by his son Levi, George Hempenstall was obviously not prepared for the excessive group hugs and raw emotion the guys tend to bring to the table. But like always, they got him to come around. George promised to be more present in his family's life, so you might be wondering where George and Levi from Queer Eye are now.

When the Fab Five met George, he was hiding his face beneath the brim of a five-gallon hat (which Tan promptly took away) and keeping busy wrangling bulls on his rural Australian farm, which is what he's done for a living for most of his life. He admitted to being quite the workaholic, since he's self-employed, and Karamo cracked the whip on that once and for all, telling George he had to make time for his friends and family. "I'm all about hard work," Karamo said. "But even though my father used to tell me that [you have to work hard], my granny used to always say, 'You have to find time for life. 'Cause work is not life.'"

That difficult work-life balance probably explains why George was single in his 50s when the guys showed up to make him over. So Tan and Jonathan did their best to freshen him up, in every sense of the word. ("I wanna cuddle with you when you don't smell like cow sh*t," Jonathan told him.) They took him from "Aussie Marlboro man," per Jonathan, to "I look d*mn good and I'm gonna get laid tonight," in the words of Tan. They also gave him some self-care tips (c'mon sheet masks!) and revealed to him that they'd be getting his darkened front tooth fixed, which he couldn't wait to show off at his daughter's wedding.

It hasn't been too long since fans were following the Fab Five's Australia-based Insta stories, so surely, not much has changed. According to his Facebook page, which is set to private, George is still single. But at least the Fab Five gave him the confidence to stay mingle-ready.

While they knew George's look and lifestyle needed a little help, the Fab Five were impressed, to say the least, with Levi. They met him for the first time as he rode up to them on a motor bike, taking off his helmet to reveal a lovely set of dreadlocks and a great smile. "He's not unattractive," Antoni said, understating it.

Well, as cute as he might be, Levi must be a humble dude, because his Instagram is selfie-free. But it does show off his adventurous side, documenting his travels and projects. It looks like Levi was most recently hanging out on Lord Howe Island, a tiny Australian island that's almost as gorgeous as him.

Levi also showed off a jazzy watch. Tan would be proud — he knows how to accessorize with class.

Here's hoping George is taking Karamo's advice by hanging out with his kids more often, and that with Levi's encouragement, maybe he's even gone on a few dates. If anything else, the two of them are probably hanging out at Yass' The Clubhouse Hotel pub, which was completely revamped thanks to the fabulous design and cuisine powers of Bobby and Antoni. The mushroom tapas Antoni blessed them with looked delicious, and according to their Facebook, the pub hosts a hopping karaoke night.

Picture this: George, singing his heart out, beer in one hand, tapas in the other; Levi enjoying the performance and beaming with pride. And remember, the Queer Eye gang only recently left the father-son duo behind, so this is just the beginning of their new and improved life together.