'Married At First Sight's Steph & Jonathan Were Sadly Struck By The Show's Curse

'Married At First Sight'/Channel 4

Romance is a beautiful and complicated thing. It has developed and changed greatly through the ages, and arguably the last decade alone has seen the fastest changes. Online hook ups, dating, and all those apps have led to many feeling a bit jaded by the whole thing and looking to different methods. Meaning more and more ways of finding the right (or wrong) person are within reach. But how about marrying someone you've never met? Is that any better or worse? Does it garner better results? Well, let's answer that question by looking at where Married At First Sight's Steph and Jonathan are now.

The pair were the first match on the latest season of the hit Channel 4 show. Nurse Steph wed property manager Jonathan. Aw so cute! Or was it? Well guys, unlike the brilliant show, sadly their relationship was a massive flop.

Since the show aired, it has been clear from her social media that Steph hasn't been sporting her wedding ring, The Sun reports. And, according to the newspaper, sources close to the pair described their match as "disastrous".

'Married At First Sight'/Channel 4

The whole premise of the show is that two people, perfect strangers, are matched by a team of relationship experts. These experts analyse an incredibly detailed set of results from numerous physical and mental tests. All rounded off with compatibility tests. The various tests are supposed to find the people involved their perfect partner. The couple are then sent to the alter ASAP in a whole new kind of shotgun wedding. The wedding is legally binding and they have eight weeks to decide if they are keen on each other or not. That includes a honeymoon, which is where it looks like things went wrong for Steph and Jonathan.

So, have things turned out well for any other couples on Married At First Sight? Well, TBH, no. Even the ones that you really think are a shoe in for happily ever after.

One particularly notable marriage flop was Ben and Stephanie. These two were all over each other at their wedding, and their honeymoon. They seemed to have everything that you could want from a partner. Adoration, chemistry, LOLs. And then BOOM. Separation, subsequent infidelity revelations, and a pretty rotten break down of the relationship. Stephanie revealed on her Instagram account that she heard she was getting divorced on the radio. Wow, smooth move Ben.

"I started to shake as I opened my phone and clicked on a link someone had sent. There was my husband sitting there laughing and joking about how he had cheated on me and we were getting divorced. He was divorcing me. He had cheated on me. He was announcing it on the radio. There are very few moments in your life that truly rock you to your core."
Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ben then appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and was more than a bit of a flirt with fellow contestant Roxanne Pallet.

This season of Married At First Sight isn't finished yet, so who knows what might happen to the other couples we haven't seen yet, but I would say don't hold your breath for anniversary party invites.