Where Can You Buy A Fidget Spinner Halloween Costume? Yes, The Getup Really Does Exist

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Are you running out of ideas for your Halloween costume? Does the idea of dressing up as a sexy pumpkin or a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas leave you straight up tired? If so, this Sexy Fidget Spinner costume should perk you up. The year's trendiest toy, which both adults and kids play with, has been reimagined as a sexy romper and the Internet isn't quite sure what to make of it. Some folks are intrigued, while others expressed their criticism.

The Dolls Kill Fidget Me Spinner costume is $38. It boasts a futuristic and short-sleeved silver romper, constructed of rayon, nylon, and spandex, with the abdomen and back cut out. But there is one potentially problematic element of this costume. There are two fidget spinners strategically placed on the breasts. At first, it looks like fidget-spinners-as-pasties. But these spinners are fully functional and actually spin.

Problems will undoubtedly arise if someone reaches out to spin the attached spinners without your permission. That is not OK... ever.

See the costume's fidget spinners in action below.

The Internet is generally divided over the costume. Lots of users on Instagram and Twitter aren't feeling it, while others are. If you still want to rock this costume, regardless of the comments, it's your prerogative. The reactions of others shouldn't dictate what you wear or how you wear it.

Dolls Kill Instagram

This user calls attention to the main issue.

Dolls Kills Instagram

This user isn't about it either.

Dolls Kill Instagram

Some commenters are stoked, though, and considering it as their costume choice...

... while it gets a "no" for this user.

If you decide to rock the getup, how you accessorize and what makeup look you opt for will allow you to make it your own. The brand recommends pairing the bodysuit with a pair of thigh high boots to further increase the sexy quotient of the costume.

Glossy, over-the-knee boots are a perfectly acceptable shoe option, especially if you are having fun and feeling extra hawt. If you are comfortable with this combo, then have at it. You can and will slay all day and deep into the night.

You can also rock ballet flats, ankle booties, kitten heels, combat boots, or sneakers with the Fidget Me Spinner costume and still achieve a super sexy effect. It'll just be more subtle.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

The Sexy Fidget Me Spinner costume has a cosplay vibe to it, as well. You can style it up or down, adding tights, stacks of jewelry, or a fidget spinner headband. You can also pair it with a silver and black smoky eye, or a shimmery silver lipstick for added sparkle. It's all about presentation.

You can go basic, like the model on the Dolls Kill site. Or you can be creative and go all out by adding a variety of the aforementioned accoutrements.

But one thing is for sure — be prepared to field lots of inquiries and jokes about being "taken for a spin" by other guests at your Halloween fete. Try not to roll your eyes so hard that you see the inside of your skull from such comments, though.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

If you plan to serve up your Sexy Fidget Me Spinner costume while giving out candy on Halloween, perhaps you should consider a literal translation of your costume. Scoop up a bunch of cheap spinners at the dollar store and dole those out along with bite-sized Kit Kat bars or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It'd be the trick or treat gift that keeps on giving.

It's likely that the Sexy Fidget Me Spinner Halloween costume will only be on trend this year. But it's certainly quite emblematic of 2017.