This Crayon-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Turns Your Face Into A Coloring Book

Crayons played a big part in the upbringing of makeup enthusiasts. Flashback to the days where everyone fought for the 64-pack equipped with a sharpener during snack time. Now, you have a chance to remake history because Black-owned beauty brand, Crayon Case Cosmetics, launched its Matte Book Eyeshadow Palette, and it's filled with pigments from all your childhood drawings.

For makeup lovers who know the ins and outs of beauty brands, this one may sound familiar to you. It's the very same cosmetics company that released the viral Box of Crayons palette. In similar fashion, fans will be getting another palette starring bright pigments inspired by your trusty coloring tools from your childhood starting Jan. 18. You'll be transported back to your younger years with the brand's new mattes-only crayon-inspired palette.

One can never have enough matte shadows in their arsenal and this one palette's a doozy. Not only does the brand make it a point to create products with high pigments for people of color with deeper complexions, but it's also ideal for amateurs and beginner makeup artists. Any beauty lover who's down for some bold colors on their lids would turn this palette out.

This new "iShadow" palette costs $25, and its such a steal to make those lids pop.

The brand took to Instagram to share its latest release with fans on how it meshes all your makeup personalities into one.

"These iShadows are extremely pigmented," the brand wrote. "This 26-color matte palette consists of wild and bright colors. Perfect for the student who LOVES color and neutral shades. Equipped with larger transition shades to provide any look you desire. With four rows of the perfect color combos. This iShadow palette is ready for coloring outside the lines creating day or night looks."

While some may roll their eyes and scoff at the idea of beauty products masked as school supplies, the packaging is so cute and clever, you'll miss your tiny desk, even if only for a second.

Chalk Dust Setting Powder, $20, The Crayon Case Cosmetics

You should always brace yourself for the possibility of eyeshadow fallout. Since you were probably adding this matte palette to your cart already, it's not a bad idea to also add a jar of the brand's Chalk Dust Setting Powder to keep your face in place while cutting those creases. Not to mention, the powder comes in 7 inclusive shades. You may not be able to rush perfection, but you can work smarter to at least try to be on time for work.

Overall, once you start scrolling through the rest of the brand's collection of products, you may need to start putting together a few early birthday wishlists.

Crayon-inspired products aren't exactly a new thing. Even brands like Sally Hansen has released metallic crayon-like shades of polish and even Crayola, itself, has launched a line of products in partnership with ASOS. However, this brand is one that dedicates itself to high color payoffs for POC and beginners, creating bold looks for every kind of makeup lover.