These Princess Jasmine Brushes Have Fans Ready For A Whole New World Of Makeup Tools

It's a whole new world... of makeup brushes for Disney diehards. Luxie Beauty's Princess Jasmine brush set, which is modeled after the treasured Disney princess of the Aladdin tale, is coming for your money. The cruelty-free brush brand has crafted an elegant and luxurious six-piece brush set, the textures and colors of which are inspired by iconic scenes from the beloved film as well as the raven-haired beauty.

UPDATE: The brushes were due to be released on Sept. 25. However, the brand emailed Bustle to let us know actually sold out of the product at a trade show, making the online launch TBD. Luxie is waiting for a new batch of product so it can sell the set via its site and recommends signing up for the brand's newsletter for further information.

The brushes (and the packaging) boast purple detailing, mixed with the signature rose gold hue that this quality, Instagram-adored brand is known for.

As was the case with the five-piece, red-handled Wonder Woman brush collection that the brand launched earlier this year, the Luxie x Princess Jasmine set comes complete with a compact mirror.

The Princess Jasmine x Luxie brush array is definitely a full-service collection that will beautify your features. These eagerly awaited tools arrives online via the Luxie Beauty site on Monday, Sept. 25. Bustle reached out to Luxie reps for pricing and to inquire about the permanent status of the set.

Ultimately, the Princess Jasmine collection is so much more than makeup brushes designed for expert application of your favorite powder and blush products. As a brand, Luxie consistently strives to empower women in a variety of ways, and this latest lovely set of tools falls right in line with those goals.

According to the press materials received by Bustle, Luxie hopes that this brush set will help the user to find inner beauty, strength, love, and a strong voice within themselves, just like Princess Jasmine.

That sentiment is beautiful enough to leave me all sorts of choked up.

It also effectively captures the true essence and power of makeup. Beauty products aren't frivolous nor are they something that the wearer hides behind. While they are transformative, cosmetics are truly instruments of art and creativity, as they allow users to express themselves in multiple ways.

The products and the tools used give makeup lovers a platform for their creativity. After all, that's why they are called "makeup artists." But even every day beauty lovers are artists unto themselves.

Princess Jasmine's is an iconic cartoon beauty, so it's plainly obvious why she was the source of inspo for this brush set.

Luxie's brush collabs are routinely in honor of strong, admirable characters in pop culture. That's the connective tissue between all of these different but fabulous sets.

These strong collabs are elevating Luxie's status and visibility, too. It's growing beyond an Internet-famous brand and could have a similar trajectory as Morphe or ColourPop. Yep, I said it.

Of course fans are all about this launch, given their fondness for Princess Jasmine. Plus, the dependable quality of the brand and their tools doesn't hurt wither.

The brand has been parsing out information and teases in measured doses and hasn't completely unveiled the brush set just yet. That hasn't stopped fans and customers from already pledging to part with their cash in order to obtain the set, sight unseen.

When you don't even have to do a total reveal and you already have shoppers lining up to give you their money, that's how you know you have a legit hit on your hands.

Luckily, Princess Jasmine brush-seekers don't have to wait long to get their well-manicured mitts on this collection. While most of us have a case of "The Mondays" and don't exactly look forward to the start of a fresh work or school week, these makeup magic wands are certainly reason enough to hope that this weekend flies by.

Monday — and these Princess Jasmine brushes — can't get here fast enough.