These Bags Are Made Out Of Recycled Bouncy House Material To Hold Your Childhood Dreams

There are tons of ways to save the planet through fashion. You can shop sustainable or limit what you purchase, but none are as exciting as carrying around these accessories. Etsy user Francesca Middleton creates bags out of recycled bouncy house materials. Yes, really. You might not be able to jump the day away anymore, but you'll still have a way to live out all of your childhood dreams.

It's no secret that fashion creates waste. According to high-end retailer Eileen Fisher, “the clothing industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry." So when brands decide to upcycle, aka take something old and make it new, everyone wins. But the real person who wins from Middleton's designs is your inner child.

Every single tote, wallet, and clutch made by Middleton is created from recycled bouncy house material. Not only are they extremely durable, but the colors are guaranteed to catch your eye. The UK designer rescues the vinyl and nylon from the landfill, sews them together, and adds her personal label.

"I started making vinyl bags for my cool friends who all became mums within a few years," Middleton's Etsy page says. "They're washable and wipe-able and cool to look at (the bags, not my friends, although there is that as well). I posted some on Instagram and they seemed popular - and a business idea began. Then I looked for sustainable materials and recycled bouncy castle fabric was the answer."

Since the nylon and vinyl materials aren't recyclable or biodegradable, Middleton gives the materials a new life. That saves the planet and gets you Instagram likes at the same time. You can't ask for more than that.

Because each one is made of recycled materials, no two bags are the same. Middleton sells the bouncy castle bags on Etsy, and has tiny clutches, large totes, and everything in-between. You'll have to act fast if you want to get your favorite design, as the colors are different on each one. There's bright pinks, oranges, blues, and even one that has a cloud print on them. It all just depends on which bouncy castles get scraped that month.

Customers have used the bags as grocery bags, beach bags, and even purses. The design is so versatile that you can use them for any occasion. The simple designs and bright colors make these the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not to mention that you can feel great about rocking, as Middleton calls it, fashion of the future.

The materials aren't the only way that these bags are recycled, either. Middleton actually goes around to different charity shops and collects zippers to use for the designs as well. So everything form the material to the closures are upcycled, making these bags even more great for the environment.

Each bag ranges from $20.13 to $73.81, depends on the style that you want. There are only 22 items currently in stock on the Etsy page, since collecting, sewing, and listing them takes some time. You'll want to act fast, if you want a piece of this fashion of the future.