The Burn Book x 'Mean Girls' Makeup Brushes Have Arrived & They Are So Fetch

These makeup tools are so incredibly fetch, they are probably going to sell out sooner than later. Spectrum Collections' Burn Book x Mean Girls makeup brush sets dropped this week. Everything from the Burn Book carrying case to the mini brush set to acrylic storage bins is still available on the brand's site, which is its sales platform. It's quite a pink explosion.

The sets even boasts signature and oft-repeated quotes from the iconic Lindsay Lohan film. This brush collection isn't merely taking inspo from the 2004-released flick. It embodies everything about the beloved movie on a very literal level. That's what makes it such a slaystastic set.

Bustle reached out to the brand to ask if the collection is "one and done" or if there would be a restock upon the brushes selling out. Spectrum Collections confirmed via email that there will indeed be a replenishment once supply is wiped out. But that restock date is firmly TBD.

It doesn't matter which Plastic you are. From Regina George to Gretchen Wieners, the Burn Book sets is available to all. Soak it all in below!

Look! Your very own Burn Book.

Since the brand released several posts regarding the launch time, there was some confusion and panic when the tools actually dropped. That's what happens when a much-anticipated product is about to land.

Aren't they utterly adorbs? I love the ombre handles.

Also, the small Burn Book case doubles as a handbag. #Multitasker.

While the Burn Book in the film was brutal and cruel, I think we can all agree this is the kinder, gentler, and better version of the infamous book.