There's A Lotus Biscoff Easter Egg Now – You're Welcome

Charlene's Chocolate Factory

Lotus Biscoff has become somewhat of a delicacy in the UK, and now you'll be able to enjoy it as a festive treat. Nope, this isn't a late April Fools — a Biscoff Easter egg is doing the rounds on Instagram. But where can you buy the Golden Lotus Biscoff Egg in the UK?

As it turns out, the heavenly egg isn't actually made by Biscoff. The recipe is actually made by artisan chocolate maker Charlene's Chocolate Factory. They provide their stock to four small stores in Worthing, Storrington, and Littlehampton, but you can buy the majority of the concoctions on their online store. This is where you'll find the dreamy Golden Lotus Egg, alongside its salted caramel and dark chocolate counterparts.

All the recipes aren't your typical Easter egg, either. Instead of being solid chocolate, these are layered with hard and caramelised chocolate, along with Biscoff spread and biscuit fragments. Delish.

I hate to break it to you though, they're currently all out of stock. The same goes for the majority of their other eggs, including their Oreo and Kinder Happy Hippo recipes. I've reached out to Charlene's Chocolate Factory to see whether they'll get anymore in stock before Easter, and have yet to hear back. But as noted on their site, any orders placed after April 5 "are not guaranteed for Easter". The store notes that they are still operating as usual despite the current coronavirus pandemic, "but delays may be likely."

Although, there are a couple other stores that have their own variations of the Biscoff bounty. Maple Molly's have a variation with their Easter Biscoff Chocolate Egg Slab that you can order, which is "filled with a hidden layer of Biscoff spread" and "topped with Biscoff biscuits, chocolate bunn[ies], chicks and eggs." Bedford's The Store also seems have some of Charlene's Chocolate Factory's eggs in stock, but only the dark chocolate one.