Kim Kardashian Just Launched Three New Fragrances & They're Only Available In One Place

Kim Kardashian West's beauty empire is expanding once more. No, she hasn't launched KKW concealer or KKW lipsticks. The reality star is moving beyond makeup for her latest launch: a fragrance. But where can you buy KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance? The ultra-luxe packaged scent is available now, but if you're familiar with or a fan of KKW products, you know that you need to move fast to purchase one of the three Kardashian-crafted fragrances before they're gone.

Like the KKW Beauty contour and highlight kits, the KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrances are only available in one place, and it's the official KKW Fragrance website. The sleek site has all three of the Crystal Gardenia fragrances in a single place making it simple and easy to shop Kardashian's latest beauty launch, and all three are still available as of Nov. 15 at 3:30 p.m. ET on the site.

The crystal like packaging is common to all three of the fragrances, as well as a gardenia base note. Apart from this, the scents vary and come in three different iterations: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud, and Cyrstal Gardenia Citrus. The signature Crystal Gardenia and the citrus version both feature two sizes: 75 mL and 30 mL which retail for $60 and $35 respectively. Oud, however, is only available in the 75 ml bottle for $60. The smaller Oud scent has already sold out.

Kardashian has been open about why the KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrance is so important to her and what inspired it. The inspiration, however, may surprise you.

According to Refinery29, Kardashian's Paris robbery in October 2016 is the partial inspiration for Crystal Gardenia. According to the site, Kardashian's friends brought her healing crystals following the robbery to help her recover. Kardashian then took that inspiration and incorporated the gardenia scent based on flowers her father would bring home after being away on business. Thus, KKW Crystal Gardenia was born.

Of course, with a name like Crystal Gardenia, the packaging would have to be luxe — and it certainly is. The stunning bottles are designed to look like the very crystals that inspired the scent's creation. Each fragrance's bottle has a slightly different color than the last, but all stay within a palette of serene cool tones that actually do seem to evoke the calm that Kardashian received from the healing crystals of her friends and family.

If you love Kardashian and think the signature Crystal Gardenia fragrance sounds perfect, shopping the KKW exclusive scent now is imperative. Not only will be there be no restock, but according to WWD, only 300,000 bottles of the fragrance were created. For fans, this means that purchasing the product as soon as possible means being part of a special club that can claim it as their own. Knowing KKW, the fragrance will sell out quickly, and scent lovers will be out of luck.

Fans of Kardashians have already started to celebrate their purchases on social media. Many have shown off their purchase receipts, and others are rejoicing that they can officially smell like their favorite Kardashian sister.

These lucky fans will probably be happy they purchased their KKW fragrance early given its incredibly limited quantities.

Even beauty vloggers like Kim Thai got in on the Crystal Gardenia action. With the hype that has built up around the scents, who could blame her?

Super fans are adding the new, stunning bottles of perfume to their Kardashian collections.

If you want to shop one or all three of the KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance scents, head over to the KKW site now. With limited quantities, a totally fair price point, and gorgeous packaging, the latest KKW foray into the beauty world seems to be a must have among her fans.