This Peter Pan Mermaid-Themed Makeup Collection Is The Stuff Of Fairy-Tails

Bésame's period-specific Snow White collection is true to the colors in the original cells of the 1937 film. The brand explored Disney archives in order to replicate the hues from that era, which women actually wore. The Bésame Cosmetics x Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Makeup 1953 collection will transport you to the magical place located on the mystical island of Neverland.

The brand did an equal amount of research to create this collection and to ensure that it remained true to the time period of 1953. The range is inspired by the looks of that year, since that's when the film was released, and the mermaids in the story. Mermaid beauty remains a hot trend in 2018 and Disney-adjacent collections are always a hit.

This assortment was "maid" for Disney diehards, makeup lovers, and more.

In a YouTube video revealing the collection, Bésame founder Gabriela Hernandez explains how she and her team mined a unique source in order to find inspo and to create the collection.

"We dove back into the archive," she reveals. "We fell in love with these characters but we had a brand new challenge. They were only seen in this film for two minutes. We dug into the archives even further to the development sketches to find the magic in these characters."

That is some incredible dedication to the collection and the products — as well as to the customer who will wear them and the fan who appreciates the film. Since the brand didn't have much to work with, it had to get creative. Bésame concentrated on the details made available to them and took a dip into history. As a result, "The collection is a combo of color callouts from the original cells, '50s styling, and unique, molded pieces that take you back into Mermaid Lagoon," per Hernandez.

The Bésame x Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Makeup Collection will arrive online on Monday, Nov. 5 via the Besame Cosmetics site and the brand's store in Burbank, California.

The collection is playful and sweet. Bésame is known for creating cosmetics that nod to another time. Overall, the brand has a very vintage vibe, with its themed collections and its own offerings. The Mermaid Lagoon suite is no exception.

You can see red and pink lipsticks, a sea creature-inspired eye palette with eight pans of pretty shadows, and a highlighter compact.

Those compacts, though. They look like shells you find at the beach.

The collection is on its way so have some patience. If you are a Disney loyalist, it's calling your name. If you are a makeupista, you will love playing with these products.

Previously, Bésame released a Snow White Collection, which included eyeshadow palettes, lippies, lip and cheek rouge, makeup bags, a scarf, and more. Many of the products are sold out but plenty are still available. One of the palettes is marked down from $38 to just $10. You just enter the code SHADOW10 at checkout and get this carefully curated and crafted palette for an incredibly attractive discount.

Courtesy of Bésame Cosmetics

In addition to shopping the Snow White collection, it's time to make a note in your phone to remember to shop the Bésame x Peter Pan x Mermaid Collection on Nov. 5. It is the stuff of "fairy-tails."