This Is Where To Get The PUR x Trolls Palette

Trolling — it's not just for Internet baddies! Sure, the antics of Internet trolls often cause many of us to roll our eyes. But PÜR's new Troll-inspired palette make us want to beautify our eyes with 16 pans of bright and neutral eyeshadows. This totally wearable eyeshadow palette is $29 and features an array of never-before-seen shades, which means you can create endless eye looks with this baby. With the MAC x Trolls collection and the Hard Candy x Trolls collab in the rearview, PÜR is keeping the Trolls alive and culturally relevant in 2017. Where can you buy the PÜR x Trolls eye palette?

According to press materials received by Bustle, there are two locations at which to shop. The palette drops via the PÜR site on Sunday, Jan. 8. It will then be available exclusively at Kohl's locations on Thursday, Jan. 19. So those are the two places to purchase. You either need to be online this coming Sunday or you can wait a week-plus to play with it in person and then make the purchase in just under two weeks. Here's the bonus — you could veritably hit up Kohl's to grab some Simply Vera Wang or Lauren Conrad or Jennifer Lopez fast fashion pieces and nab a fresh shadow palette while you are there.

Check out all of those color options! You've got reds and greens, but also an ample supply of browns, pinks, and neutrals. You can go crazy with this palette. The looks you can create are truly, truly limitless.

Observe the shadows and their cute names. Fun, right? In the press materials, the brand recommends applying the product with a fluffy brush or with your fingers. It also suggests using a wet brush in order to intensify the hues.

Stop right there! I highly encourage this method! I use Urban Decay Makeup Setting Sprays to spritz my brushes before applying certain shadows. It aids in the reduction of fallout and lessens waste, all the while upping the drama quotient. It also helps shadow last. Try it! It'll make playing with this palette even more fun.

Images: Courtesy of PÜR (4)