Here's Where To Buy These Epic Glitter Sneakers

If you love shimmer, then you're going to freak out over the newest Vans x Opening Ceremony sneaker collaboration. It goes hand in hand with the glitter-bomb trend we've been enjoying these last couple of years. From glitter roots to unicorn snot body glitter, many people have been upping their intake of sparkle. The Glitter OG Old Skool LX Sneakers are definitely going to keep that trend alive. Simply put, they're freaking fun.

Combining the classic look of Vans with Opening Ceremony's playful, out-of-the-box aesthetic led to the creation of kicks the first-grade version of yourself would lose their mind over. Every inch of them is covered in glitter — from the rubber soles to the shoe laces, there's not an inch on them that doesn't shine. As Cosmopolitan aptly described, they're "what unicorn DJs wear in heaven."

The "Glitter Pack" will be available in a series of three different colors: Blue, pink, and grey. The sneaks are are cool 110 dollars, and they're available now for purchase. So where can you buy the Vans x Opening Ceremony Glitter Pack?

If you have your credit card ready, then you can snap up these beauties today at Opening Ceremony's site,

This isn't the first time that Opening Ceremony has collaborated with Vans — even if it is the glitziest.

"Every month, Opening Ceremony rehashes our favorite Vans sneakers in delightfully trendy, surprising ways. We've seen our beloved Old Skools and Sk8-Hi's rendered in pastels, monochromes, and even in feline prints, thanks to OC's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim," Refinery 29 reported.

While pastel shoes are amazing, this glitter explosion is their pièce de résistance. Slip them on and brighten literally everyone's day outside by exposing them to the presence of something so fun. These shoes were certainly made for walking — but they're also made for shining, too.

Images: Opening Ceremony (4)