What Is Glitter Snot? It's The New Makeup You Need…

Never has being sneezed on so much fun. When you think of a random stranger spraying you with their snot on the train, chances are your thoughts veer towards the murderous, not pretty. But Unicorn Snot is the latest glitter product that might change your mind on that.

It's a fact that the beauty world has been inundated with unicorn products this last year — not that anyone is complaining. From Too Faced's Unicorn Tears holographic lipstick to unicorn horn makeup brushes, we can't get enough of the magical animals. And this newest product is going to amp up that enchanting feeling, by tenfold.

Glitter Snot is basically a shimmery glitter gel that can be used for your body or face. Coming in a variety of electric colors — from hot pink and bright yellow to a sparkling silver — the snot rubs on clear and leaves a trail of glitter along your arms or cheekbones. "The shades are completely translucent. When you swipe on a dollop of Unicorn Snot, it gives your skin a twinkly finish instead of a neon stain," Allure reported. While glitter gel might throw you back to your middle school dance days, it can be used in totally chic and non prepubescent ways that feel more grown up.

Unicorn Snot Set, $25, FCTRY

The idea here is that you can dab it anywhere on your body, so why not use it on your eyelids to add some sparkle to eyeshadow, or across your cheekbones as a makeshift highligher? It can also be mixed in with lipstick or a clear gloss if you want to add just a little bit of shimmer on bare lips, or run through the dry ends of your hair for a little bit of hydration and sparkle (imagine those glitter flakes catching the sun while in your strands!)

If you're feeling bold you can put a thick amount across your eyebrows for a starry-night look above your eyes, or slick on a dark or heavily pigmented lipstick color and dollop on the shimmer so it really pops against the shade. See? The possibilities are endless.

If you haven't quite gotten over your Lisa Frank or My Little Pony obsession from childhood, then this is the product for you. Bring a little magic into your life, just, you know, in the form of snot.

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