An "Unqualified Lesbian" T-Shirt Exists So You Can Show Your Support For Cynthia Nixon

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It doesn't take the internet long to turn an insult into a fashion statement. After former Sex and the City actress and New York State governor candidate Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy, her sexuality was the target of a derogatory remark. The comment has since inspired an "Unqualified Lesbian" T-Shirt that has her supporters and members of the LGBTQ community more than ready to make a purchase.

Following Nixon entering the race for governor, Christine Quinn, a former New York City Council speaker supporting incumbent candidate Andrew Cuomo, made a controversial tweet that set angry Twitter fingers in motion. Referring to Nixon as an "unqualified lesbian", she triggered plenty of reactions to the insulting comment, including a badass statement from Nixon herself.

"It's true that I never received my certificate from the Department of Lesbian Affairs, though in my defense there's a lot of paperwork required," Nixon tweeted in response to Quinn. It was the shot that proved the aspiring politician wasn't going to let criticism stop her from pursuing her goals. Now there's an empowering tee shirt reclaiming the slur against Nixon, and it's the perfect compliment to her witty clapback.

Nixon, for what it's worth, has publicly identified as bisexual while also resisting labels.

The tees are available online, selling in a range of colors and sizes, so you're sure to find your perfect fit. But you can't contemplate making a purchase for long because the line of Nixon supporting tees won't be around forever. According to the retailer's time tracker, the "unqualified lesbian" merch will be gone in just a few days.

It's safe to say that the tee will sell well amongst Nixon's supporters while it's still available. Her fans, along with those who scoffed at the insult, took to Twitter to reclaim the statement before shirts even made it to the market.

Even if shirts weren't going to be produced, supporters were prepared to make their own.

If no other political or political slogan had appealed to the masses before, this was the one design that was winning so many people over.

Some twitter users were just waiting to see the flood of "unqualified lesbian" tees that would soon be proudly covering the backs of Nixon's supporters and the LGBTQ community.

The statement was so relatable that it just begged to be reclaimed and slapped onto a t-shirt.

Luckily, the internet has a way of always turning something negative into a very big positive.

Quinn has since clarified her remark on Twitter. "To be clear, Cynthia Nixon's identity has no bearing on her candidacy and it was not my intention to suggest it did," she wrote. Although she stated she "would never, EVER, criticize someone because of their identity", it didn't stop those against her comments from seeing it as discriminatory.

She may not be able to make up for the tweet that made the "unqualified lesbian" shirt a thing, but supporters at least have the apparel now to combat her words.

This certainly wasn't the first time that a demeaning comment was transformed into a T-shirt. After Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "a nasty woman" in the final presidential debate, supporters were quick to turn the comment into a statement-making tee. Women of all walks of life embraced the slur, and Clinton herself even got in on the trend, taking to Twitter to post her own black tee toting the slogan. Proceeds from her tee, designed by Samantha Bee, even made a charitable donation to Planned Parenthood so supporters got to make a difference while taking a stand.

Now that "unqualified lesbian" tees are the latest sensation, the trend is proof that sh*t still gets messy during political races. But as long as the racy comments fly, they can always be channeled into empowering garb.