Kim Kardashian Got Nostalgic During Her High School Reunion On 'KUWTK'

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been chock full lately with the events of Kim's 20-year class reunion as the milestone produced enough material for a multi-episode arc — a distraction from the Khloé and Tristan drama. It turns out Kim Kardashian's high school experience made for some long-lasting friendships — this week, she even took some of her closest friends to Las Vegas and hooked them up with a backstage meet and greet with Cher.

As Kim tells Cher when she was graced by her presence post-concert, she and her crew attended a school just across from the University of California, Los Angeles called Marymount High School. Kim describes it as a a Catholic, all-girls institution, and as it turns out, it's still up and running today. Marymount High School's website reveals that it still operates in the same capacity Kim describes, and states that its mission is "educating and empowering young women to live lives of consequence as ethical leaders with a global perspective and an unshakable commitment to the common good."

That common good doesn't come without a hefty price tag, though. According to tuition information on the school's site, 2018-2019 tuition is more than $36,000, and that's not including new student fees, books, technology, or uniforms the school notes students will also need.

According to Bravo, Kim's sisters Kourtney and Khloe also attended Marymount, and they're not the only other famous alumni who had stints at the school. Tatyana Ali from The Fresh Prince also attended Marymount and graduated from the school, per her IMDB page. Though extensive alumni info is scarce, there's no telling what other famous faces you might recognize who originated at the expensive Los Angeles school.

About 26 percent of the school's students receive financial assistance, the site continues, and there are about 100 students per grade level. That's not exactly a huge student body, and probably explains why Kim and her friends are so tight even decades later. You might expect a class reunion to be a mundane storyline, even on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but of course, even a pretty common occurrence is made over the top.

The few who accompanied her to Vegas seemed overjoyed to be reliving their glory days — Kim even uncharacteristically orders rounds of shots to celebrate their get together. She's trying to relive her "wild" days — earlier in the episode, Scott and Kendall recall hearing crazy stories about her behavior in her teen years, and she's ready to prove she's still got it in her. She even reminisced about reportedly trying drugs like ecstasy during those more wild years.

It's clear how special she thinks the reunion is, and she lives it up while partying with the ladies around her, and, you know, they get to meet Cher. "I was able to pull off a backstage meeting with Cher after the show," Kim says. "My friends are so excited to meet her and hang out with her a little bit.”

No big deal! Who among us hasn't marked 20 years of post-grad life with a casual Cher encounter? Kim proves time and time again that she likes to make all aspects of her life the absolute most, and the Marymount High School reunion was definitely no exception.