That Huge 'Killing Eve' Cliffhanger Will Make Every Fan Glad It's Coming Back For Season 2

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Spoilers for the Killing Eve Season 1 finale ahead. The equal parts thrilling, revealing, and bumbling finale of Killing Eve is finally upon us, and thank goodness the series has been renewed already because that was one heck of a cliffhanger. Where will Villanelle go on Killing Eve? Season 1 ends with blood, an escape, and not a lot of options for the murderous anti-heroine.

At the end of the episode, Eve tracks down Villanelle's Parisian apartment and trashes it... downing champagne in the process. Villanelle arrives and after some tense and tender moments, Eve stabs her. She freaks out, Villanelle fires back with her gun, and by the time Eve returns the assassin has vanished — but where to?

She has no apartment, no boss, and few resources. She murdered seemingly the only person who cared about her, her former instructor Anna. She's injured, after Eve makes her mark. Where could Villanelle possibly go from there? It would make the most sense for Season 2 to pick up right where Season 1 leaves off, still in Paris and with Eve in pursuit of the killer. However, Eve is injured as well, and they have an established mutual respect for one another. Don't put it past Eve to give her just one last head start. Their relationship isn't over, and they both know it.

Did you ever in your life think you'd see a killer and the their pursuant actually admit to one another that they were obsessed with each other? This is basically every Hannibal fan's dream. Did you ever think that when you did, both characters would be female? The scene was also so honest and raw and refreshing while still holding tension. When Eve stabs her, and finally does what she set out to do, it actually feels like a betrayal.

What if she doesn't go anywhere? What if Season 2 starts where this leaves off, but Eve is not in pursuit because Villanelle is still there? The show is just deliciously complicated to pull that off and make it work.

On the other hand, it would also make a lot of sense if Villanelle headed off to London to trash Eve's home and threaten her loved ones next. Plus, it was pretty foreboding when Elena said she was "dying," all alone at the office, and Kenny should be on his way there as well. Never say something like that when an assassin could show up at your hidden HQ at any moment.

There are plenty of loose threads and mysteries left that can contribute to the trajectory of Season 2. Where did Carolyn Martens go off to, and what is her real role in all of this? The stuff with Konstantin was beyond fishy. Who are "the twelve" that Villanelle works for, and does she have any way of contacting them or the organization at large?

Plus, anyone else secretly hoping that Irina comes back in Season 2? Konstantin's "annoying" daughter was kind of the best part of the finale and should maybe become an official sidekick to either Villanelle or Eve.

Nick Briggs

The answer could be in Luke Jennings' novels that the BBCA series is based on, as the titles for the third and fourth book are Shanghai and Odessa, respectively. However, the series has already changed many details from the books, so anything could happen.

In stories like this, for somewhat obvious reasons, the chase is everything and it's hard to maintain the suspension of disbelief that a character like Villanelle would really keep escaping the grasp of the authorities. However, this finale added layer upon layer to this story and this particular chase. Wherever Villanelle goes next, Eve will follow, and fans will be watching as always with baited breath.