Cassie & Colton Are Still Working On Their Living Arrangements After 'The Bachelor'

by Nicole Pomarico
Rick Rowell/ABC

From meeting on The Bachelor, to breaking up in Portugal, to Colton's fence jump, and finally, we're here. It seems impossible that we've made it this far, but on Tuesday night's Bachelor finale, we finally found out that after getting dumped by Cassie and ending things with Hannah G. and Tayshia, our leading man did not, in fact, end up alone — even if it was a little touch and go there for a minute. Now that we know that there was a happy ending, you might be wondering where Cassie and Colton live after The Bachelor. Are they really going to do the long distance thing or not?

As we learned from the hometown dates, Cassie and her family live in California, and while Colton is from Colorado, he's been traveling all over since he was on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise last year. Because of that, it was hard to guess what they'd be doing after the show — and since Cassie is so close with her family, it was also hard to imagine her living apart from them. Add that to the fact that Cassie's been so vocal about her need to move slowly in a relationship, and it made this one a pretty difficult answer to predict.

Thankfully, the couple's appearance on After The Final Rose did manage to answer a few questions about their plans for the future, including this one.

When Colton and Cassie sat down with Chris Harrison, they filled him in. Not only are they living happily ever after (so far, at least), but Colton has also moved to Los Angeles to be close to Cassie, so it sounds like she's getting the best end of the deal — she gets to see Colton all the time and her family, who she's so close to. But for now, they're still living separately.

Colton told Chris:

"The plan right now is I moved down here. We're going to be traveling a lot this next year and we're going to be spending a lot of time together. It's a big step in our relationship as well. We've had the conversations, but we're not gonna rush anything."

"We're still gonna be together every single day," Cassie added.

And on the topic of engagement, it sounds like they're on the same page, too. Although they said that it's something they're talking about, it also sounds like it's something they're taking their time with as well, which is probably for the best. Cassie seems to do really well with moving slowly in her relationship, and it seems like Colton is doing everything he can to move at her pace. Maybe they really are perfectly suited for each other, despite their rocky start.

It might have been a little rough there in Portugal for awhile, but in the real world, Colton and Cassie are making it work, and that's what counts. It'll be fun to follow along with their relationship now that they're allowed to live as a couple out in the open — and when moving in day comes, hopefully, they'll keep fans updated.