Kristin Cavallari Got Talked Into Maybe Buying A House With Adorable Baby Goats

The Cavallari-Cutlers seem to like change, because their relationship has consisted of a lot of it. And well, it doesn't seem like it's going to be stopping any time soon. They must be the "go with your gut" kind of couple, because they're no strangers to big decisions that give them what's in their best interest. As fans know, they broke off their engagement to work on their relationship before getting re-engaged and married. then they both relocated to Nashville, Jay is newly unemployed after retiring his football career, and Kristin is opening a retail store to house her jewelry line. Now, the couple has decided to sell their home for almost $8 million, according to Us Weekly. So where does Kristin Cavallari live now? Didn't her and Jay just move to Nashville?

It all started in the second episode of Very Cavallari. The couple is having a morning chat in the kitchen, and Kristin asks Jay what he's going to do for the day, considering he isn't working as an athlete anymore. After she tells him she's going to the gym with her friend, Kelly, Jay replies with a shocking claim.

"I'm gonna buy a house today," he says, casually. But Kristin knows her husband, and she knows how to sarcastically play along with his broad statements. "That's cool," she says. "For yourself?" Jay keeps it going. "Eh, kind of all the family members here," he says, referring to their three young children, Saylor, Camden, and Jaxon. "I'm not moving," Kristin replies, sternly.

"I think we need to consider this in all seriousness." Jay says. Again, Kristin makes a crack at his lack of routine post-football. She asks, "Is this just because you need something to do? You need a hobby, so you think moving will take up some of your time?"

In an interview with the producers, Kristin makes light of their cat and mouse-like convo. "Jay and I love to push each other's buttons," she says on the show. "We definitely have this playful banter, and he can be a little sh*t sometimes, but he makes me laugh."Kristin doesn't even really seem to consider moving before she goes on her way to work out. Jay sighs, feeling defeated.

But it turns out that he may not have lost the battle after all, because according to Us Weekly, their home in Nashville (complete with 25 rooms and a movie theatre) is up for sale. ButVery Cavallari hasn't caught up to reality, of course, so as far as the show goes, Kristin's still skeptical about a move.

"All we've done for the past couple of years is fix up our house to make it how we want it, and now he wants to move?" she tells Kelly over a post-workout green juice and salad in the second episode. Kelly agrees. After all, she doesn't have time to put moving on a list that already touches the floor with things to do for the expansion of Uncommon James.

But alas, in case you forgot, the spunky parents of three never let fear of adjustment get in their way. The sneak peek for Sunday's upcoming episode reveals Jay coaxing Kristin into looking at a potential new home with none other than adorable baby goats. "You want some goats now?" Jay asks Kristin. "Yeah, I love them," she replies. Jay tells her she can have as "many goats as [her] little heart desires" if she agrees to scope out the house Jay has his eye on.

Whether it's to humor him or in hopes of aquiring some new furry friends, Kristin obliges, and it looks like she falls in love. "I kind of hate that you were right," she says in the sneak peek. "About what?" Jay asks. "I mean, it's a nice house!" she says.

The location of their new (and improved?) place is yet to be announced, and so is the moving agenda that Kristin may get herself wrapped up in after all. So until more information is available, fans will have to keep watching everything unfold on Very Cavallari. For now, just enjoy the goats.