Where Does The Puzzle Map Lead On 'Pretty Little Liars'? A.D.'s Newest Game Is A Mystery

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every time I feel like I figured something out on Pretty Little Liars, it's the exact opposite and I have more questions than answers. When Emily Fields found that puzzle piece in the girls locker room, I didn't think anything of it because the girls are always finding clues, or the clues or always finding the girls and it's just so creepy. It got even weirder when Spencer somehow realized that the puzzle pieces were building a map on Pretty Little Liars. (Also, how on earth did Spencer recognize that it was a mini map of Rosewood? She clearly missed her calling as a police officer or a cartographer.)

As per usual, there was no certainty with the latest clue. Obviously A.D. wants the Little Liars to go to a specific location. Maybe it's to meet up with A.D. Maybe they have to meet up in person for the final round of this sick little game. Perhaps it's leading them to the still-missing Mary Drake. I just don't get why this evil genius didn't just send them a Google Maps pin or a screen shot with a location. The little puzzle pieces all over the place is a little bit much, but then again so is this show. And, it does make things more dramatic.

This villain is anything but straightforward, obviously things are going to get worse and worse for the girls as they have to follow the directions on this map.