Tiffany Trump Will Attend Georgetown & People Are Wondering Where She'll Live

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Orientation for Georgetown Law School starts Monday, and amongst the class of fresh-faced future lawyers will be one Tiffany Trump, the second First Daughter. The lesser known of the Trump daughters, Tiffany is joining her family in the Capitol to further her education at Georgetown University Law School. Although it's not clear where Tiffany will live while attending Georgetown, her family and her wealth afford her a lot of options.

Tiffany probably won't actually live in Georgetown, because the historic area of the city isn't that close to the university's law school campus. Living with her father would actually be a much more convenient commute for Tiffany — it's just a little over two miles from the White House to GU Law's Capitol Hill campus. However, it's also safe to say that with a Secret Service motorcade, Tiffany could live pretty much anywhere inside D.C. and still not have to worry about getting to school on time.

The younger Trump daughter could also live with her sister and brother-in-law in their spacious Kalorama home, which features six bedrooms, five wood-burning fireplaces, and a state of the art kitchen. With three kids around, it might not be the best living quarters for a 1L, but it should have all the #looks Tiffany needs for her active Instagram account. All that being said, Tiffany more than likely has unlimited options — D.C. may be one of the priciest cities to rent an apartment in the United States, but there's little that a billionaire dad can't get you if he's willing to drop the dough.

Tiffany will be the first person in her family to attend law school, although it's not clear at this time what she wants to do with her education. Her older siblings received degrees in finance and business, then pretty much went straight to work for their father. Tiffany has pretty ardently stayed away from the media spotlight throughout the last two years, so she hasn't given any clues at to what kind of law she wants to study or practice, but there's always the potential for her to end up in the family business as well (apparently it's the only thing that will make her father proud of her).

Tiffany may not have to worry about student loans or the Maruchan Ramen diet that many law students have to keep, but Georgetown may present its own unique problems for the daughter of such a controversial president. Earlier this summer, a future classmate of Tiffany's penned an op-ed for Teen Vogue asking her to be cognizant of why so many people are inspired to pursue legal education right now (hint: it's her dad). Dealing with the ideological derision of your classmates can't be easy, especially when they're literally being taught how to argue. But maybe through all this, the world will find out that Tiffany is her own person, separate from her father.