The Fab Five Helped This 'Queer Eye' Hero Keep A Promise To His Mom

Courtesy of Netfilx

Spoilers ahead for the sixth episode of Queer Eye Season 2. When the Fab Five waltzed into their hero's apartment in Episode 6 of the new season, they were taken aback by the stench of cigarette smoke and the video game headset that hung around his neck. Arian was one failed class away from graduating college, but instead of going back to school, he was hopping restaurant jobs and spending most of his time on the living room sofa. His lack of motivation definitely presented a challenge, but it was no match for transformative powers of the Fab Five, so where is Arian from Queer Eye now?

It seems he's made some real progress. The guys had their work cut out for them when they met Arian, who they concluded was ignoring his problems out of fear of failure. This resulted in a pretty entrenched lying habit — one that he didn't realize he had little control over, because he couldn't even be honest with himself. Early in the episode, Arian was even confused as to why his middle school best friend nominated him for the show. "I don't know why, man, I think I'm perfect," he shrugged.

In their time together, the Fab Five brought Arian back to reality, and of course, they helped him look the part. Karamo made Arian sweat beads by putting him through an official polygraph test. Tan outfitted him in a stunning bomber. Jonathan cleaned up their hero's look. ("Your beard — it's going bye bye.") Antoni gave Arian's mother's Middle Eastern cooking a twist. And Bobby gave him a space fit for a 24-year-old, not a college student.

The end results definitely seemed to improve Arian's outlook. "I feel like a baller," Arian said after his big reveal. He welcomed his roommate back to their new and improved place and had a house warming party where he came clean to his mother about school. He promised her he would fix his mistakes and make plans for a brighter future.

And it appears he may have delivered on that promise. In terms of social media, Arian lives a pretty private life, but according to his LinkedIn, it seems as though he finally got his degree. Arian's profile says he graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Computer Information Systems in 2017. It lists the year he started school as 2012, which does account for the extra semester Arian would have needed to wrap things up.

And that's not the only update to his profile that would excite the Fab Five. According to his LinkedIn, as of February 2018, Arian has a job as a Project Delivery Analyst at the Atlanta branch of Deloitte Consulting. Now that's a step up professionally.


There's no telling from his online presence whether or not Arian has revisited the gym since Tan gave him some personal training, although he did say he wasn't opposed to spending more time on the treadmill. As for his relationships, if Arian is dating anyone, it's not publicly Facebook official. But he does still interact on Facebook with his two close friends who were featured on the show, Matthew and Cyrus, so it seems the three have adjusted well to Arian's cleaner living space — and steady job.

The one piece of Queer Eye advice Arian appears to have ignored is his clean-shaven face. He seemed hesitant when Jonathan shaved it off in the first place, so it's no surprise that the look didn't last. Beyond that though, the changes the Fab Five made to Arian's life seem to have left a lasting impact.