Where Is Danielle M. From On ‘The Bachelor'? Nick Viall Said They Share A Hometown

Dating a total stranger on a reality show like The Bachelor has to be weird, so any little thing you have in common has to really help. And as it turns out, Danielle M. and Nick Viall shared a pretty major part of their lives, even before they met. On Monday night's episode, Danielle scored the first one-on-one date of the season, and as they spent the day together, they figured out they already had a big uniting factor — their hometown. So where's Danielle M. from? Wisconsin, just like Nick.

Although her ABC cast bio says she's from Nashville, that's where she currently lives today. On the show, she revealed that she's actually from America's Dairyland, and she and Nick even marveled over how different their day hanging out on a yacht was from life in Wisconsin. Um, I'll go ahead and say that we can probably all agree that being in a hot tub in the middle of the ocean is a bit different from real life everywhere, but OK.

And the more time they spent together, the more it became pretty obvious that there could be something there between these two, so being from the same place could come in handy in the future!

Oh, and if she makes it to hometown dates? Major advantage, since she'll already know her way around!

After getting to know her a little on The Bachelor, I already love Danielle, so I hope she sticks around. Nick, don't let this one get away!