This 'PLL' Love Triangle Has A Side Missing

Eric McCandless/Freeform

I’m not a fan of Ezria on Pretty Little Liars to begin with, but if I were Aria and my fiancé ran off to find his old fiancée because she was trapped in the jungle and suddenly needed him, I would at least want some sort of expiration date as to when I could expect him back. Ezra has run off to help Nicole at her parents’ house… but Nicole is in Rosewood. Yep! Nicole is in Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars and Ezra has a lot of explaining to do. Where is Ezra?

That’s what Aria has been saying the whole time since he’s been gone, but she is trying to be a patient and caring fiancée or whatever. Like I said, this is not an ideal situation, and there’s a time when patient and caring turn into clueless and gullible. Girl, you better start calling the shots! On the May 2 episode of Pretty Little Liars, Aria walks into her and Ezra’s place to find a shadowy figure lurking in the living room. Aria grabs a knife, as one would if one had been plagued by an evil, ominous persona for the past seven years, but then the figure came out into the light — Nicole! Nicole, looking thin and slightly worse for the wear. So if Aria is there and Nicole is there, where is Ezra? Did Nicole escape or something? Or did she come to Rosewood to kill Aria and keep Ezra for her very own?

Nicole could be Fatal Attractioning it, but I doubt that’s the case. Nicole has been through a lot, but she’s probably focused on getting over what happened to her in the jungle. She got kidnapped loving Ezra, but she knew that Aria was in his past. Who is to say that she didn’t know that Ezra would fall back into Aria’s arms? Maybe Nicole is just trying to escape her memories, and Rosewood was the only place she could turn.