West Coasters Will Soon Be Able To Test Glossier IRL

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Glossier

This is the beauty brand to shop online, but if given the opportunity to test products before buying, you’d take it, right? There's nothing better than an informed purchase, after all. A Glossier Los Angeles pop-up is opening up, so get ready, West Coasters!

Glossier opened a New York showroom not too long ago, but that’s a long way to travel if you’re from the California area. Finally, all those L.A.-dwellers will finally have a chance to try products in-person, for a limited time at least. That way, you'll know exactly which shades suit your skin tone and which items you like the best.

According to the brand’s Instagram, items will only be available for testing and not for purchase, so you'll have to take notes on what to buy for later. The location will be open for one weekend only, and you can find it at The Courtyard at 8467 Melrose Place on Apr. 1-Apr. 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can go ahead and RSVP to attend online, although it’s not required. If you're not normally on the West Coast, you may need to start Googling flight prices now. Because you deserve a vacation and Glossier is just that good.

Dreams really do come true in La La Land.


Glossier is about to take over L.A., just when you thought your Saturday and Sunday couldn't get any better.


Don't miss the fun things happening at this location over the weekend.

A face full of Glossier product? It doesn't get better than that!


However, keep in mind that you'll only be able to test products at this temporary location.

If you haven't gotten to try the latest product from the brand, take advantage of the opportunity to do so. Blush is so in this season!

And once you fall in love with pretty much all of their skin care and makeup products, you can make a purchase online to get your top shelf looking a little bit more like this.

Happy Glossier sampling, you guys!