Where Is 'Line of Duty' Filmed? The Show Just Wouldn't Be The Same Without Its Location

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Line of Duty is back, and it's promised viewers its most dangerous villain yet. Now that Series 5 of Jed Mercurio's explosive drama is set to wrap you up in its all-consuming world all over again, you might be wondering: where is Line of Duty filmed? The location of the show is so intrinsic to the action and its overall mood. Like, if you were to put these detectives in Spain, Line of Duty would become something completely different. That's why I reckon you should get to know the show's filming locations a little, just so you can appreciate it even more.

With the premiere of Line of Duty's Series 5 airing on BBC1 at 9 p.m. on Sunday, March 31, for fans of the shows, it might already seem like it's all you can think about. While Series 4's finale hinted that there was a heck of a lot more in store for the officers of AC-12. Including an ominous looking "balaclava man," as introduced to viewers in the season five trailer. The only other thing you might be wondering , aside from who TF is "balaclava man", is whether there's going to be a season six of the show — and don't worry — it's definitely coming, as the Radio Times reports. But where does Series 5 all take place?

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The show is filmed in Belfast, with creator Jed Mercurio telling the BBC that the city has been "a fantastic home" for the drama. The Telegraph also named it one of their best British TV filming locations back in June, 2018, as they revealed that a scene in season four saw the shutdown of Belfast's Bedford Street, when Vicky McClure, who plays DS Kate Fleming, had to shoot a scene in which she oh-so-casually hopped into a speeding police car.

However, as The Telegraph also reported, the show has been known to cause further havoc in Belfast, as some locals were allegedly riled up when in 2015, a scene was shot in which a man with a bloody head fled down Belfast's Tates Avenue. It was reported that residents there weren't given enough warning of the disruption.

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Series 5's shooting was apparently a little less disruptive, since the crew worked into the night, and even put measurements in place so that any curious residents wouldn't get spoilers for the upcoming season, as Belfast's News Letter reports. According to the publication, filming took place in Northern Ireland's County Down, specifically at a house in Coopers Mill Close in Dundonald. If you can glean any potential spoilers from that piece of information alone, then I bow down to you.

While Line of Duty is supposed to take place in a nameless city, I'm sure that Belfast residents will be keeping a keen lookout for landmarks that they recognise when Series 5 rolls around. For everyone else, you're bound to be well and truly sucked into the world of Line of Duty once more, to the point where it may even have you booking plane tickets to Belfast once the season ends.