Maks Chmerkovskiy Suffered An Injury On 'DWTS'

Eric McCandless/ABC

Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are among the best dancers on this season of Dancing With The Stars. Even though it's only the second week of competition, to me, they're certainly two to beat (Maks is a crowd favorite and my favorite, too). But could there be trouble already? Heather Morris stood alone during introductions for Week Two, and something is up! Where is Maks Chmerkovskiy on Dancing With The Stars? Host Tom Bergeron said he suffered an injury that could take him out the competition.

Rehearsal footage showed Heather and Maks trying out their foxtrot, and all was well until Maks cried out in pain, having hurt his calf. Something may have popped, and he knew from the beginning that it wasn't good. Oh, boy. This isn't a good sign, especially not at the beginning of a season. Heather has such potential to go far in this competition (I mean, she did dance for Beyoncé). Maks's injury prevented him from dancing with Heather for Week Two, and troupe member Allen stepped in for their jive/hip-hop mashup. Allen and Heather absolutely crushed their dance (even though Len didn't like the mashup part, but he doesn't like anything new or modern, so let's be real about that), but let's hope that Maks recovers quickly. Maks said that his injury is a little more serious than just icing it, so fingers crossed.

If he doesn't, well, we have a big problem. The rules of Dancing With The Stars state pretty squarely that if you have to miss more than a week of shows due to injury or medical issues, you're out. So far, that has only applied to stars and not professional dancers, but I imagine it's the same. Heather got a few eights in scoring on Week Two, so I hope Maks comes back soon. It would be a shame to waste that talent.